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Season 7 Episode 5a
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Bad Shoes
Original Airdate April 20, 2001
DVD release Season 7
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"Bad Shoes" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.

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Stu decides that his new shoes "don't go" with his outfit, so the Rugrats think Stu has gotten a pair of shoes that don't want to GO anywhere. When Kimi suggests the shoes may be so new they don't know HOW to "go" anywhere, the Rugrats decide to teach them. But when the shoes keep appearing everywhere Tommy and company play, the babies think they might have taught them to "go" too well. - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins in the kitchen. Reptar Jr is walking along and Tommy, holding a blue tie, is following him. Chuckie follows Tommy, holding white men's underwear with hearts on and Phil and Lil are following Chuckie while holding a long, yellow sock. Kimi is following the twins. They go into the living room, where there is a pile of clothes. Tommy notices his reflection in a shoe. Didi is showing a tie to Stu, who is putting on the other shoe. While the babies play, Stu says he doesn't like it, and he is going to his annual convention for inventors. Dil chews on another tie, and then on the one that was on his head. Lil puts the yellow sock on her head, and Didi picks Dil up. Stu walks out of the room. Lil announces she is wearing a sock as a hat. Kimi shows off her outfit: a too-big dark green jacket and a red and black striped tie, tied around her head. Phil is pretending he has no head by hiding it in a blue jumper. Tommy says they are supposed to be dressing Reptar up, not themselves. Chuckie puts the underwear on the toy. Stu puts on the green jacket and asks Didi what she thinks of his outfit. Didi acts like she neither likes nor dislikes the outfit and says it is fine. Stu asks for more detail. Didi says that, while she likes the rest of the outfit, the new shoes don't "go". Stu then gets angry at the shoes and takes them off, then gets worried about what he will wear on his feet. The Reptar toy walks off with the underwear on his head. In a mixture of anger and anxiety, Stu dashes off, claiming the shoes don't belong on human feet. Stu climbs the stairs, and Didi, still holding Dil, tells him not to get lost in the bathroom again. The five older babies stand in a circle, wondering why the shoes don't go. The girls say they think shoes are supposed to go as otherwise you would not get anywhere. Chuckie says that whenever he moves his feet, his shoes come too. Tommy says that shoes do go, because they need to. Kimi suggests maybe the shoes don't want to go as they are different somehow. Tommy thinks that, being "just shoes", shoes can't "want". Chuckie thinks the idea of shoes with feelings is funny, offending Kimi. Chuckie decides to prove the shoes are "just shoes" by putting them on and making them "go". He walks a few steps, but then falls over. Kimi points out that they didn't go. Chuckie wonders why they didn't, as he was trying to make them go. Lil concludes they don't want to go. Tommy still doesn't think shoes can want, as they are just shoes. Chuckie and Phil agree that most shoes are just shoes, but not those ones. Tommy says shoes don't do anything unless you are wearing them, but Phil thinks Tommy is an unreliable source of information, as he (Tommy) does not even wear shoes. Spike tries to take the underwear off Reptar's head, but Tommy tells him not to "wreck my daddy's diapie". Spike is a dog, and that reminds Kimi that when dogs are new you need to teach them things, and that maybe the shoes don't go as they are new and don't know how to. The twins agree. Tommy doesn't know if that is true, and Lil gets angry, then she, Phil and Chuckie become scared of the shoes. Kimi tells the shoes to stay, which, of course, they do. Phil and Lil think the shoes are good listeners. Tommy tries to say they don't have ears, but Kimi tells them to be quiet and not "attract" them. Lil shows a sock, as she think shoes like socks. Phil thinks that the only socks that shoes like are red socks. Kimi wonders if the shoes moved. Tommy is convinced the shoes will never go, but the other babies think they are "fixing" them. Tommy thinks you can't "fix" them as they are not "broke". Chuckie asks why Stu doesn't like the shoes. Tommy replies that he doesn't know but there has to be a reason. Stu, in a funk, says again that the shoes don't belong on human feet. The babies think maybe they belong on dog feet and put them on Spike. Spike looks a bit unhappy, then chews the left shoe. Stu takes them off Spike and tells Didi, who asks if the kids are O.K. to which Stu says yes. Tommy then continues playing, and sends Reptar up to find Robo-Snail. Phil voices Robo-Snail, but notes he can't tell Reptar's Reptar because of all the clothes (undies and tie) that Tommy put on him. The babies cheer that Tommy "tricked" Robo-Snail, and then Spike puts the shoes down, fascinating Kimi that they "moved", and scaring Chuckie. Phil turns the Reptar toy off, and Kimi wonders how the shoes could move. The twins wonder if they learned to go "too good". Tommy thinks the shoes couldn't have walked there on their own. Chuckie tells the shoes not to do anything, and Tommy walks up to the shoes, claiming he will "take care of" it, puts them on top of the bin, and tells the babies he put them somewhere where nothing ever comes back. They then continue to make Reptar catch Robo-Snail. Didi doesn't like two neon shirts and decides to donate them to the thrift shop. She notices the shoes and calls Stu "emotional". Reptar carries Robo-Snail to a cardboard box they are using as a jail for snails. He then walks off the wrong way, and Tommy redirects him and calls him a "kookamungie". They notice the shoes on the couch. The girls wonder how they came back, and Phil wonders if they are angry. Didi asks the kids if they are having fun and tells Stu to give the shoes a try with another suit. Stu puts on a top-hat, which he calls "hopeless". The twins don't like the shoes, but Tommy says there has to be an explanation. Phil suggests maybe the shoes are out to get them, and Tommy asks Chuckie if he believes the shoes are alive. Chuckie replies that he doesn't believe it so much. Tommy asks why Chuckie took off his shoes, which he did, and Chuckie replies that his reason is not special. Tommy asks where Chuckie's shoes are, and he points to them under a green book. Reptar walks around, while the twins and Kimi try to take off their shoes. Stu complains about his shoes squeaking. Phil says that the shoes are going, but don't want to. Kimi says that Stu will make the shoes mad. Stu calls them the worst shoes ever. Phil says that maybe the shoes are no good. Chuckie thinks maybe Reptar can save them. Tommy is confident that shoes can't hurt anybody, but becomes scared when Stu is acting like the shoes are hurting him. Chuckie thinks maybe the shoes don't like Stu. Tommy says that he likes his daddy. Stu throws the shoes and says that the next day they will go back to the mall. The shoes fall down the stairs and knock down Reptar, and the babies run away to the basement. Tommy looks and observes the shoes are just sitting there. Lil thinks maybe the shoes don't know where the babies are. Chuckie says that he doesn't like shoes. Tommy says they will protect his daddy. Chuckie is scared, making him angry. Tommy says they won't hide anymore. Lil asks how they will stop the shoes. Tommy suggests setting a trap. Lil has a sponge, Phil has a bucket, Kimi has a ball of wool, Chuckie has a wheel, and Tommy has water. Stu is upstairs, in another suit. The parents, with Didi holding Dil, dash downstairs as they heard the children scream. They see that the children are alright, but notice the shoes in the "trap", which grosses Didi out. The babies cheer that they "saved" Stu, but are scared as he says the tie is "choking" him.


  • Stu bought his "bad shoes" at the mall.


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Tommy: Reptar! The snail is back there, you cookamungi!


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Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

Rugrats - I'll make a man out of you

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