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Bad Blood Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 8
Bad Blood
Original Airdate August 3, 2008
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"Bad Blood" is the eighth episode from Season 5 of All Grown Up!.

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Dil borrows a scary movie from an older student and he wants Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil to watch it with him. But they can't watch the movie because Grandpa Lou is angrily fighting with Grandpa Boris over who is a better babysitter. The 4 kids sit through endless competitions between them and eventually they make up, but Tommy feels uncomfortable when Dil invites 10 other kids to watch the tape, and then he accidentally destroys it.


  • Dil: I'll call the hospital... reserve some rooms.

  • Tommy: When did you figure out you were gonna tell me this?!
  • Dil: At the last moment possible.

  • (Chuckie screams)
  • Dil: Just static, C-man.

  • Tommy: So it's okay to cut up an alien, but dissectng a frog is wrong?
  • Dil: Don't ruin my moment with your called "Logic."

  • Dil: I'd do it, but I don't speak old person. I can't get the "chhhrg" sound.

  • Mario: Wow! He speaks alien language!


  • Grandpa Lou is of Scottish descent, and Grandpa Boris was born in Russia.
  • Grandpa Lou is from Cleveland, Ohio and Grandpa Boris is from Vladivosstok, Russia.
  • Chuckie said he wasn't going to watch the tape, yet he came to Tommy's house and sat with the gang when they were going to watch it.
  • The rash on Tommy's face changes how many spots it has when him and Dil are fighting.
  • Phil was the only one enjoying the grandfathers' rivalry.
  • Susie, Angelica, and Kimi are not featured in this episode.
  • This is the only Season 5 episode which features Grandpa Boris.
  • It is possible Tommy has pimples because of a different reason, but that's unknown why.
  • "Older brothers's pay the price" is not true. It is not okay for an adult to come in yelling at an 11 year old boy, and Dil was the one who did it anyway (so he should at least get his mother called).
  • For some strange reason, Lil actually wants to watch an alien be dissected, and she suggests that the gang should knock Grandpa Lou and Grandpa Boris with something blunt. That is something that Phil would have said, since he is the twin that likes weird things. And he should have been the one excited to watch the movie, not Lil.
  • When Chuckie screams at the static on the television screen, his blue shirt is gone, but after he uncovered himself, it was back.
  • When Phil and Spine Snapper yelled "Ahh! Old man boobs!", that was probably part of an adult joke or an implication that Phil and Spine are aware of female anatomy.
  • Lou reveals he was stationed at Area 51 in his military days.
  • When Dil admits he stole the tape, Lil sounded very weird when calling him a criminal. She also gave him a weird facial expression, as if she was attracted to him.
  • When Tommy is stressed out, he gets a rash.
  • It is revealed that Chuckie has psoriasis.
  • Phil is an excellent poker player.
  • Ending Tagline: "I scrip and scrap, and never feel clean." - Grandpa Lou
  • The episode's title was named before a Taylor Swift song of the same name.
  • This episode's basic plot is similar to a first-season episode of Boy Meets World entitled "It's a Wonderful Night," in which Cory and Shawn smuggle an R-rated movie on a VHS tape that doesn't belong to them into the house, planning to watch it while their parents are out and they're being babysat. Both also involve the tape ending up being destroyed in some way, and the smuggler (Cory/Dil) facing trouble with whoever he got the tape from.


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