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Bad Aptitude Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 1
All Grown Up - Bad Aptitude
Bad Aptitude
Original Airdate June 4, 2004
DVD release Interview with a Campfire
Previous Episode Interview With a Campfire
Next Episode Fools Rush In

"Bad Aptitude" is the first episode from Season 2 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


Tommy and the gang take an aptitude test to get a clue as to what they want to be when they grow up. After one of his film does badly at the showing in the Java Lava, Tommy loses his confidences in film making. When Dil tried to get Tommy's confidences back by having a flim festival in honnor of his work but didn't work out as he hoped it would as he decided to give up his dream of film making and become a business man, like the aptitude test told him. Chuckie's a dare devil. Lil's a wedding planner. Phil's a male model. Dil's a public speaker. Kimi's a film critic. Everyone's career plans do not turn out according to plan, but Tommy is becoming quite successful in being a business man with the school's business group, BLEC, much to Dil's chargins. But all becomes clear during Tommy's marketing scheme of 'Lightning Chuck', when Dil brought his VHS camera to remind Tommy of who he really is, which he takes from Dil to flim Chuckie wiping out at the marketing scheme. With Dil's help as he didn't give up on him, Tommy leaves the BLEC club as his confidences in flim making have been restored. Tommy records a BLEC commercial of Phil being a BLEC gangster/gangsta? and dude, to make up for the mishap from 'Lighting Chuck'.


  • Kira appears in this episode but doesn't speak.
  • Starting with this episode, the series is presented in a more HD style, while most of Season 1 kept the animation style from Rugrats.
  • Starting with this episode, the character models were slightly changed, all with lighter colors and new wardrobes. The other changes are the following:
    • Tommy's hair is slightly longer and is a lighter shade of purple.
    • Phil and Lil have entirely new, yet matching hairstyles. Lil even wears a colored extension that is different in each episode. Their hairstyle are described as a "punkier style" according to CoolToons.
    • Kimi has an entirely new hairstyle, with two pigtails instead of it being halfway up in a messy bun.
    • Angelica's hair is slightly less straight, wears red earrings and light blue eyeshadows. Although this starts in the next episode instead of this one.
    • Chuckie's hair is a cheddar orange instead of tomato red, and its a bit fuller.
    • Dil's hair is simply a lighter color.
    • Susie's hair is still in box braids, but it is now sometimes decorated with beads.
    • Savannah's ponytail is slightly looser. Although this first appears onscreen in "Miss Nose it All".
  • The known results of the aptitude test are:
    • Tommy: Businessman
    • Chuckie: Race-car driver
    • Phil: Male model
    • Lil: Wedding planner
    • Kimi: Film critic
    • Dil: Motivational speaker
  • Ending Tagline: "Life is a sneeze." - From Tommy's film
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