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Season 5 Episode 6a
Babysitting Fluffy
Babysitting Fluffy
Original Airdate August 15, 1998
DVD release Season 5
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Babysitting Fluffy is a Season 5 episode of the showย Rugrats.

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The Rugrats learn the hard way that taking care of a cat isn't easy when Angelica and her family go on vacation and Fluffy stays behind at Chuckie's house. - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins at Chuckie's house, where Chas is working on the foundation for his driveway, when he hears the telephone ring. After he accidentally hits his thumb trying to pound in a wooden stake, he answers the phone. Charlotte is on the other end. She tells him that she, Drew, and Angelica will be going out of town for the weekend, and they need him to look after Fluffy, Angelica's pet cat, until they get back. Chas tries to tell Charlotte that he can't look after Fluffy, since he's allergic to cats, but Charlotte interrupts him, telling him that Stu and Didi can't look after Fluffy because she and Spike don't get along, and Betty and Howard are not cat people, leaving him the only option left. Chas tries to tell Charlotte that he's allergic to cats, but Charlotte interrupts him again, telling him she knew he wouldn't mind, and she'll be at his house shortly to drop Fluffy off. Chas also tries to tell Charlotte that he's resurfacing his driveway, but she hangs up before he can finish.

Charlotte, Drew, and Angelica arrive at Chuckie's house, and as Angelica passes by Chas with Fluffy in her arms, Fluffy sets off Chas' allergies, causing him to sneeze. Chas tries to tell Charlotte that he doesn't know anything about taking care of a cat, but wheezes uncomfortably and sneezes. Charlotte tells him that cats don't require much care. All they need is to be fed and left alone.

In Chuckie's bedroom, Angelica unpacks her bag and tells Chuckie to brush Fluffy at least a zillion times a day, to pet her for two whole hours, and tell her how beautiful she is. She then hands him a mouse squeak toy. Chuckie asks Angelica what it's for, and she tells him that if Fluffy gets bored, he has to carry it around in his mouth, as Fluffy thinks it's funny. Angelica then says good-bye to Fluffy, and tells Chuckie that she knows he's going to take extra-special good care of her, then snarls at him. Chuckie nervously tells her he will, and Angelica leaves Fluffy with Chuckie. Chuckie promises Angelica that he'll do everything she told him, and be the best baby-sitter ever. Chuckie nervously tries to pet Fluffy, who runs away, causing Chuckie to fall over and drop everything Angelica left him in his arms.

Later that day, Chas tells Chuckie that he'll be outside if he needs him, and to be nice to Fluffy. As Chas leaves, Fluffy sets off his allergies and causes him to sneeze again. Chuckie then tells Fluffy that Angelica told him that he has to pet her for two whole hours. Chuckie tries to do so, but pets Fluffy too hard, and causes her to run away. Chuckie, realizing that the short time he pet her wasn't two hours, looks for Fluffy.

Back in Chuckie's bedroom, Chuckie finds Fluffy hiding under his bed. Chuckie tells Fluffy that he has been looking for her, and that she can come out now. Fluffy growls angrily at him, and Chuckie decides to crawl under the bed. He then tells Fluffy that Angelica told him to tell her that she's the prettiest, most "beautifulest" cat he's ever "seed". As Chuckie tries to compliment Fluffy, Fluffy crawls away, and Chuckie gets tangled in the cobwebs under his bed. Chuckie realizes that his job babysitting Fluffy isn't going as well as he'd hoped.

Later that day, Stu arrives with Tommy. Stu asks Chas if today's the day he's getting his driveway resurfaced. Chas assures Stu it is, but he's very nervous about this "do-it-yourself" job. Stu assures Chas it will be easy, and after he drops Tommy off inside, he'll be happy to help him.

Inside Chuckie's house, Tommy, Chuckie, and Fluffy are in the playpen. Chuckie tells Tommy about how Angelica asked him to babysit Fluffy for her. Tommy is impressed, but Chuckie worries that he might mess up. Tommy assures Chuckie that he'll be a great babysitter, and he'll be right here to help him, as he knows a lot about "aminals". Chuckie asks him if that's true, and Tommy tells Chuckie that he's been taking care of Spike his whole life. Chuckie reminds Tommy that Spike is a dog and Fluffy is a cat, but Tommy asks Chuckie how different dogs and cats could be.

After they get out of the playpen, Tommy tosses Fluffy's toy mouse and tells Fluffy to fetch it. Chuckie also encourages Fluffy to fetch the toy mouse, but Fluffy growls angrily at him. Chuckie decides to show Fluffy how to fetch by acting like a dog and bringing her toy mouse in his mouth. Tommy tosses the toy mouse again, and Chuckie continues acting like a dog by fetching it. This goes on and on until Chuckie eventually gets tired. Fluffy is also tired, and yawns. Chuckie is quick to catch on, and tells Tommy that they should probably do something else.

Chuckie decides to give Fluffy a bath, and holds a bucket of soapy water and a ball as Tommy brings Fluffy in. Fluffy growls angrily, then jumps out of Tommy's arms. She bounces off Chuckie's head, knocking him down and splashing the soapy water all over him.

A little later, Fluffy is standing by the front door and meowing. Chuckie asks Tommy what Fluffy is trying to tell them, and Tommy tells Chuckie that when Spike does that, it means he wants to go for a walk. He asks Chuckie where Fluffy's leash is, and Chuckie tells Tommy that Angelica didn't give him one. He then has an idea on what they could use as a leash. Chuckie comes back with a box of dental floss, and Tommy asks Chuckie what it's for as Chuckie unwinds it. Chuckie tells him that Chas uses it to tie his teeth together so they won't fall out. Tommy tells Chuckie that it's too bad Grandpa Lou didn't know about it. Chuckie puts one end of the dental floss in Fluffy's collar, and Fluffy jumps off the coffee table, causing the dental floss to unwind fast. Chuckie chases Fluffy through his house, and Tommy follows them. Fluffy jumps onto the fireplace and knocks down a candle, breaking it. As Tommy and Chuckie continue to chase Fluffy, she spreads dental floss everywhere.

Outside, Stu accidentally gets the leg of his pants caught in a wooden stake, and tries to pull it out. Chas, who is carrying bags of asphalt mix, then trips over some wire. Betty sees this as she arrives with Phil and Lil. She asks Stu and Chas what they're doing, and after she pulls Chas up, he thanks her and tells her that he has run into a snag with the driveway. One of the bags of asphalt mix is leaking, and Stu, having finally gotten his pants free from the stake, trips and falls over. Betty tells Stu and Chas that they're doing things wrong, and after she puts Phil and Lil inside, she'll show them how it's done.

Inside, Tommy, Chuckie, and Fluffy are back in the playpen, and Phil and Lil are now with them. Chuckie, who isn't wearing his glasses, but has a flower on his head tells Phil and Lil about the mess Fluffy made in the living room. Phil and Lil are impressed, and Tommy finally gets the dental floss out of Chuckie's glasses. He hands Chuckie his glasses, and Chuckie puts them back on. Phil tells Chuckie that babysitting Fluffy sounds like fun, but Chuckie tells him and Lil that it wasn't very fun for Fluffy. Lil tells Chuckie that he and Tommy are babysitting all wrong. Tommy and Chuckie ask her if they really are, and she tells them that they're supposed to be babysitting, and Fluffy isn't even wearing a diaper. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil suddenly fall under the false impression that Fluffy needs to be treated like a baby, and Lil pulls out one of her clean diapers from her diaper bag. She, Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil try to put it on Fluffy, but Fluffy yowls unhappily and tears the diaper to pieces. Phil then tells tommy, Chuckie, and Lil that he doesn't think he likes cats.

A little later, Lil carries Fluffy into the kitchen, telling her it's time to bottle-feed her. Chuckie tells Lil to be careful with Fluffy as he, Tommy, and Phil walk into the kitchen. Lil then pulls out one of her bottles from her diaper bag and tries to feed it to Fluffy, but Fluffy kicks it out of her arms and yowls unhappily. Tommy tells Lil that he thinks she's supposed to burp her now. Lil does so, and it sounds like Fluffy belched. Lil is impressed, until it is revealed that Phil was the one who belched after drinking from the bottle Fluffy kicked onto the floor. Fluffy then yowls and runs away, and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all chase after her. Lil points out Fluffy looking as if she is about to throw up, and Chuckie is shocked. Chuckie runs up to Fluffy and pets her gently, and Fluffy throws up a hairball onto his shirt and jumps away. Phil is impressed with the hairball on Chuckie's shirt, then he decides that he does like cats after all. Chuckie gears up to cry, and Tommy and Lil, the former asking what's wrong, run up to him. Lil asks Chuckie if he's also going to throw up. Chuckie snaps at her, telling her that he's trying his best at babysitting Fluffy, but nothing he does works. He tells Tommy and Lil that he wanted to be the best babysitter, but he's not. Tommy asks him what he's trying to say, and Chuckie tells him he's nothing but a baby, and cries. Tommy and Lil, feeling sorry for Chuckie, cry as well.

Outside, Chas' driveway, which now has its asphalt spread, also has various tools stuck in it, which Betty tries to pull out. Chas tells Stu that no matter what they do, things just aren't working, and that he's never seen such a mess. Stu then notices a piece of paper stuck to the seat of Chas' pants, and asks him what it is. Chas looks over it, and finds out that it's a set of instructions, much to Stu and Betty's bewilderment.

Inside, Chuckie, Tommy, and Lil all continue crying, until Lil suddenly stops and asks where Phil is. She, Tommy, and Chuckie overhear Phil acting like a cat. They walk into the living room, and Phil tells them that he's pretending to be a cat. Lil finds this funny, and Chuckie starts treating Phil like a cat. Fluffy, who is lying on the couch, overhears, and sees Chuckie petting Phil too hard. Phil tells Chuckie, "Ow! Not so hard!", and Chuckie pets him gently. Phil likes this, and tells Chuckie to pet behind his ears. Chuckie does so, and he, Tommy, and Lil all praise him. Fluffy, not wanting to feel left out, crawls up to Chuckie and rubs her head up against him, purring. Chuckie pets Fluffy gently, and Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that they finally did something right. Tommy, Phil, and Lil all cheer upon hearing this.

Outside, Chas reads the instructions, and tells Stu to set all wooden forms evenly with adjacent surfaces. Stu does so, and Chas tells Betty to spread the warm asphalt evenly. Betty does so, and things start to go smoothly for her, Stu, and Chas.

Inside, things are also going smoothly for Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. Tommy and Fluffy play fetch with Fluffy's toy mouse as Phil eats from Fluffy's box of cat food. He shares the cat food with her as Lil brushes Fluffy's fur. Fluffy then crawls up to Chuckie and meows happily. Chuckie pets her gently, and tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that Angelica will be proud of them when she gets back, as they did an excellent job taking care of Fluffy. Chas walks in and tells Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil that he's all done resurfacing his driveway. He shows them the finished results. Fluffy crawls outside and jumps into the driveway, much to the horror of Chas, whose allergies have once again been set off, causing him to sneeze.

At the end of the weekend, Drew and Charlotte stop by Chuckie's house so that Angelica can pick up Fluffy. She runs excitedly past Chas' driveway, which has a Fluffy-shaped hole in it. Angelica then rings the doorbell, and Chas, who is wearing an apron and oven mitts, answers it. Angelica says hello to Chas, and tells him she's come to pick up Fluffy. Chas tries to tell Angelica about Fluffy's accident, but Angelica runs excitedly up to Fluffy, only to scream in shock before Chas can finish.

Inside Chuckie's bedroom, Fluffy is revealed to have lost most of her fur to the asphalt accident. Chuckie tells Angelica to rub Fluffy's skin every day to help her fur grow back, but not to rub too hard, to tell Fluffy how beautiful she is, and if she squints her eyes, Fluffy still looks pretty good. Chuckie then tells Angelica to wrap Fluffy in a blanket that isn't too fuzzy as the episode ends.


  • Hammer


  • Chas is revealed to be allergic to cats.
  • This episode reveals that Betty and Howard are not cat people.


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