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* [[Pointing Baby]]
* [[Pointing Baby]]
* [[Alex (Character)|Alex]]
* [[Alex (Character)|Alex]]
* [[Mrs. Hamfish ]] (cameo)

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Baby Sale Gallery Transcript
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Season 9 Episode 12a
Rugrats Baby Sale
Baby Sale
Original Airdate February 1, 2004
DVD release Season 9
Previous Episode Hold the Pickles
Next Episode Steve

Baby Sale is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

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Didi, Kira, and Betty go to a toddler clothing sale, and Betty thinks of buying duck jumpers (pink for Lil and blue for Phil), Didi wants to buy a scarf for Dil and a blue T-shirt for Tommy and Kira wants to buy several shirts for Chuckie and a paisley dress for Kimi and she fights over it with another lady. The babies heard Betty call it a baby sale and talk to several babies hoping one of the mothers will buy one. Then the mums try the clothes on the babies and as they see the tags (and see a lady pick up Lil and say "I must buy one!") they think they will be sold and they want to see each other and their families and each other's families again, so they try to run away but are locked in the play area (except for Dil). A little boy says the grownups want the best babies so by throwing things, getting dirty, acting moody and knocking things over, they act like the worst babies. The grownups think they are cute. When Betty, Didi, and Kira see how dirty the babies are, blame Debbie for locking them in the play area, don't buy anything, and rush home to clean them up.


  • In the episode, Tommy can be seen wearing a hat that resembles the one that Dil will later wear in All Grown Up! (though not being the same color scheme).


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