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Baby Sale Gallery Transcript

(Cuts to a water gusher)

Tommy: What is that?

Lil: I think it's beautiful.

(Cuts to Betty, Kira and Didi)

Didi: Come on kids.

(All the ladies throwing shirts)

Didi: Wow!

(A bib falls on Betty)

Kira: Is that a pink bib?!

Betty: It's half price!

(Betty runs, So does Kira)

Chuckie: What's a baby sale, Tommy?

Tommy: It's where they sell babies and stuffs, Chuckie.

Kimi: Ooh! I want that one!

Phil: Smells good and stinky!

Baby: Thanks!

Lil: I saw him first,  Phillp!

Phil: N uh Uh, Lillian!

Tommy: Guys! There's babies for everyone!

Lady: You look cute! I must buy one!

Tommy: They are selling us!

(Cuts to Didi and Kira)

Didi: Won't this look great on Tommy?

Kira: That looks perfect! This dress is for Kimi!

Old Lady: I saw it first!

Kira: Excuse me. I saw it!

(They start fighting over it)

(They growl at each other)

Betty: Poke her in the eye! Poke her in the eye!

(Dil said "Do it!")

(Kira tied the old lady hand on her back)

(Kira cheers)

Didi: Where are the kids?

Didi: What is going on here?!

Tommy: Our mommies!

Assistant: I can explain!

Kira: What you can tell about trapping our children?!

Assistant: Because of the clothes!

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