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Season 9 Episode 6b
Baby Power Title Card
Baby Power
Original Airdate November 16, 2003
DVD release The Best of Season 9
Season 9
Previous Episode Diapies and Dragons
Next Episode Bug Off

Baby Power is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats .



It starts with Tommy and Spike playing Tug o' War with a rubber frog and Tommy wins, which impresses Kimi. Dil is also playing Tug o' War, he is playing with a doggy toy with Spiffy, and this time Spiffy wins, and Chuckie and Tommy feel sorry for Dil as the reason he lost is because he is not as strong as them, so Lil wants to make him stronger. Phil suggests feeding Dil bugs from his (Phil's) diaper, but Tommy says Dil doesn't eat bugs. Then Tommy says the perfect thing is on the shelf. Lil guesses the diapers, Chuckie guesses the tissues or "nose un-stuffers" and Tommy says the baby powder, which he thinks is baby power. He sprinkles it all over Dil and makes Spiffy and Dil do Tug o' War with the frog, but Dil drops the frog, making Spiffy win again. Lil suggests Phil's bugs, but Phil has already eaten them or they escaped. Tommy thinks maybe it takes time for the "power" to work, and a few seconds later a small earthquake (which didn't do any damage to the buildings but it does knock some toys, a hanging plant and a fence post over) hits. Tommy thinks Dil did it as he has too much power. Didi and Stu go out to check on the kids and Didi cleans up Dil saying he has too much powder, which the babies mishear as "power". Stu wants to invent a lot of safety equipment and puts helmets on the babies. Tommy wants to stop Dil. Didi is fixing broken plates and Dil is eating a cookie in his highchair. Tommy suggests the rattle might stop Dil. Tommy gets the rattle while the babies pull funny faces and then Dil starts crying. At that moment another small earthquake hits, causing the cookie jar to fall to the ground, which makes Phil think that Dil is now a monster. Didi comes to reassure Dil and takes him away. Lil thinks Didi has taken him away to another planet. Stu puts a whole lot of machinery on the dogs, hoping it will go off when they sense an earthquake, but it goes off willy-nilly. Then Kimi pours water from the dogs' bowl on Dil to "wash the power off". (Phil had thought it was for drinking but he wasn't thirsty) Dil cries and at that point a third small earthquake hits. Didi says that his diaper is wet and so is his head, and says "When you have to go you have to go!" The older babies think she meant "go" like "go away". and Kimi thinks maybe they have to train him like a dog not to use his powers. Chuckie suggests they watch a Dummi Bears movie, so they watch one about liking to share, but then it ends, at which a shelf falls down and on it is a photo of Tommy & Dil, and the glass around the photo of Dil breaks. Stu has strapped down everything but has difficulty removing it. They try to make Dil "mow the lawn" with a toy mower to tire him out as it works for Stu. So they push Dil and the mower along but nobody gets tired. Then they hide as they think Dil will poop, but he just farts. Didi wants everything normal again. Stu takes the helmets off the babies and Tommy does the Tug o' War test again and Dil loses, making Spiffy win again and they are happy.


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  • In this episode, Stu has drafted Spike & Spiffy for duty as his "Earthquake Detection System". It has been known that the abnormal behavior in animals -- dogs, in particular -- is often a signal of an impending earthquake, as they feel tremors that humans may otherwise not feel until it's late.
  • This is the second time one of the babies was mistaken for a monster. The first was in Brothers are Monsters, with Tommy and Lil.


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