Baby's Work Is Never Done Comic Book
Baby's Work Is Never Done is an comic book based in Rugrats franchise to be released on September 1, 2005 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.


No matter where kids are growing up, no matter what challenges they face, they're still focused on family, friends, food, and the freedom to do what they want-although not necessarily in that order. That becomes perfectly clear in A Baby's Work Is Never Done, one of the funniest takes on growing up to come along in years. This sharp and witty comic strip for today's kids (and adults) was spun off the highly successful Nickelodeon TV series, which has become a modern classic. Children and their families just can't get enough of the Rugrats characters, including brave Tommy, cowardly Chuckie, oddball twins Phil and Lil, and bossy Angelica. They may be babies, but their personalities ring true for people of all ages. The fun of the comic strip comes in seeing the world through the Rugrats' unique, sincere perspective on a day-to-day basis. Just as comical is the physical humor that spills out across backyards, playgrounds, and bedrooms.


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