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*[[Didi Pickles|Didi]]
*[[Didi Pickles|Didi]]
*[[Lou Pickles|Lou]]
*[[Lou Pickles|Lou]]
*[[Chas Finster|Chas]]
*[[Betty DeVille|Betty]]
*[[Betty DeVille|Betty]]
*[[Howard DeVille|Howard]]
*[[Howard DeVille|Howard]]

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Season 9 Episode 3/4
Babies in Toyland (Episode)
Original Airdate December 21, 2002
VHS release Christmas
DVD release Holiday Celebration
The Best of Season 9
Season 9
Previous Episode The Perfect Twins
Next Episode Clown Around

Babies in Toyland is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats

Characters Present

  • Susie (mentioned)


The episode begins with the characters traveling to Toyland, which Charlotte and Stu come up with for Christmas. The adults leave Grandpa Lou in charge of watching the kids, while they go to Frontier Town. Grandpa quickly falls asleep and the babies go to find the North Pole, where Santa lives, to give Dil a good, first Christmas. Angelica leads them the wrong way so she can get all the presents from Santa. They go on a great adventure while Angelica learns a wonderful lesson. Meanwhile the adults are trapped in their cabin because of the fake snow. Grandpa recovers the babies and uncovers the others while Angelica comes back and gives everyone presents. The episodes ends with everyone singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.


  • This episode re-aired on Nickelodeon on Friday, December 14th, 2012 and Sunday, December 23rd, 2012.
  • This episode has absolutely no references to anything from The Santa Experience.
  • This is the first direct-to-video episode that is also available on DVD. While this episode is the main feature on the VHS video, it doesn't even get top billing on DVD -- it's a "bonus" on a DVD containing holiday Nick Jr. favorites -- Dora, Little Bill & Blue's Clues.
  • This special features Paul Reubens, the former Pee Wee Herman, as the voice of Hermie The Elf.
  • Jim Belushi is the brother of the late John Belushi, who was a former cast member of NBC's Saturday Night Live (1975-1980), and one of the Blues Brothers.
  • This episode has 3 official episode numbers -- "158" is for part 1, "159" is for part 2, and "991" is for the special as a whole.
  • Kimi got a xylophone from Santa but she calls it a soprano glockenspiel.
  • On the box of the Christmas video, it mentions that Christmasland "could finally put Pickles Industries.com on the map." This is the first and only time Stu's business is referred to as a website.
  • Tommy got his first camera in this episode (though in All Grown Up!, it is revealed he first used it at age 32 months).


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