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Auctioning Grandpa Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 23b
Auctioning Grandpa Title Card.jpg
Auctioning Grandpa
Original Airdate October 16, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
Previous Episode Officer Chuckie
Next Episode Partners In Crime

"Auctioning Grandpa" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Didi, Stu, and Grandpa take the Rugrats to a craft fair to sell some of Didi's one-of-a-kind bird homes. When Grandpa falls asleep watching the kids and some antique shoppers want to buy the chair he's snoozing on, the babies believe they're going to buy his grandpa as well. Can the Rugrats stop folks from bidding on their favoritest antique of all? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The Rugrats are at a craft & antique fair, where Didi is selling her "Bird Homes" -- artistic bird houses that she made. However, she hadn't made any money, or as so much as a glance from someone walking by, due to her competition. Meanwhile, Grandpa sits down on an antique rocker to tell a story to the Rugrats; naturally, he falls asleep. The rocker is up for auction, but with Grandpa still in the rocker, the Rugrats though that it was Grandpa who's up for auction, so they find a way to buy him back.


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