Attention Please Gallery Transcript
Season 7 Episode 8c
Rugrats - Attention Please
Attention Please
Original Airdate February 16, 2001
DVD release Season 7
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"Attention Please" is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.

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Kimi and Chas are playing farm animals and Kimi knocks them over because she prefers real animals. Chas thinks something is bothering Kimi. Meanwhile Chuckie is spoon feeding Fifi and Charles tells him not to. Chas and Kira think Kimi is missing France as she drew what they thought was the Eifell Tower (it was really just scribbles) and they make a French-themed party and invite Stu, Didi, Tommy, Betty, Howard, Phil, Lil and Dil over. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Kimi are playing with blocks while Chuckie says he's going to hear Rapunzel. The adults and Dil are discussing the party. Betty gives Kimi a toy robot and Kimi accidentally knocks over Chuckie's block tower. She tries to fix it but Fifi knocks it over again and Kimi goes off to spoon feed her. The adults think it's cute but Chuckie thinks it's not fair as he got in trouble for doing that. Stu gives Kimi a ball and Chuckie socks which he doesn't like. Chuckie is talking to Reptar Jr at bedtime. He shouts at Kimi who is playing with her ball. Kira and Charles read Kimi Rapunzel but Chuckie misses as he is chasing Reptar Jr. The next morning Chuckie is asking Kimi why she's getting so much attention as she is spoon feeding Fifi. Kimi plays hide and seek under the table. Charles finds her. Chuckie wants to play too but they don't find him. Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi are playing in the sandbox and Kira takes Kimi inside. In the living room with the robot and Reptar Jr, Tommy and Chuckie are playing and Chuckie says the parents are playing with Kimi instead of him. Charles, Kimi and Kira are singing Frere Jacques and Chuckie, on Tommy's request, sings it like " No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no., no, no, no, no, no. No no no. NO no no", and dances. Charles picks him up and gives Kimi her robot. The two plant seeds. Tommy and Chuckie play with the hose and accidentally soak Charles and Kira. Charles turns it off. Didi takes Tommy home and Chuckie is left lonely. He finds his "room's not his room no more." and Kimi is snooping. Kimi puts Chuckie's moose hat on and they think it's not fair as Kimi wants to be alone but Chuckie doesn't. He chases her and they knock the table and the bookshelf down. The parents clean up. The two babies discuss what's going on and Kimi plays with Chuckie who is happy again. Charles reads him Rapunzel.


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