Pablo- Dil's pet goldfish

Spike-the Pickle's pet dog, he is brown with blond spots and a dark brown nose.

Cuddles - she is a purple poodle that temporarily replaces Spike in Spike Runs Away. She does not like children since she barks at Tommy and Chuckie. She also jumps in front of Didi so that she won't pay attention to Tommy. Didi gave her back to her former owner after Didi realized that Cuddles and Tommy were'nt getting along

Fifi- Spike's girlfriend. She is a poodle, and is purple with white fluff on her head, legs and tail and a dark purple nose.

Spiffy and Pepper/Sparky- Spike and Fifi's puppies. Spiffy is a boy and Pepper is a girl.

Terry- A domesticated spider that Stu purchases as a temporary replacement for Spike in Spike Runs Away.

Fluffy-Angelica's cat. She looks like her and is spoiled like Angelica. She wears reddish pink bows in her fur, which holds together two Angelica like pigtails. Her fur is white. She has to small fangs and little eyelashes protruding from the top of her eyelids.

Tanya and Rupert - gerbils that were temporary replacement pets in Spike Runs Away.