Angelica for a Day Gallery Transcript
[The episode begins with Angelica playing with Cynthia and her dollhouse. The camera zooms out to reveal that it is a reflection on Chuckie's pupil. Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica are shown to be playing in the sandbox.]
Bratty Girl: I don't care! I want ice cream, and I want it now!

[The camera pans to the girl and her father. Her father, looking sad, slowly walks away. The camera cuts to Stu and Drew sitting next to each other on a bench. Drew chuckles.]

Drew: Wouldn't want to be in that guy's shoes.

[The camera cuts to Tommy and Angelica on the sandbox.]

Tommy: Angelica, how come your daddy doesn't like that other daddy's shoes?
Angelica: Don't you babies know anything? If you wear somebody else's shoes, you start being just like 'em. My daddy would never wanna be that mean daddy that won't give his little princess ice cream.
Tommy: Oh.

[A runner passes by the sandbox. Tommy watches the runner as he went by.]

Tommy: So if I put on his shoes, I wanna run every place?

[The camera pans to Chuckie watching an old lady feeding the birds.]

Chuckie: If I put on her shoes, I want all my friends to be birds?
Angelica: Hmm, something like that. Now when you're done with your dumb little baby questions, I'm gonna go play at the Big Kid Mountain.

[Angelica attempts to walk away from the sandbox, bringing along her toys.]

Chuckie: Uhm, what's the Big Kid Mountain, Angelica?
Angelica: Only the bestest place to play in the whole park, but you babies are too little to play there, so you just stay here and play with your baby toys.

[Angelica starts humming and proceeds to the Big Kid Mountain. The camera shows the entirety of the Mountain, with other children playing on it.]

Chuckie: Wow!
Tommy: Come on, Chuckie! I wanna play on Big Kid Mountain, too.
Chuckie: But Angelica said we're too little.
Tommy: Chuckie, Angelica's the one who told us we'd float away to the moon unless we put sand on our pockets. Now come on!

[Tommy leaves the sandbox, while Chuckie stays behind. Chuckie pulls out two small piles of sand from his pockets and dumps it on the sandbox. He proceeds to leave as well. Tommy and Chuckie arrives at the base of the Mountain, staring at it with awe. The camera pans to the mountain showing other children playing, with an audible laughter from one of the children.]

Tommy: Let's go, Chuckie.

[Tommy proceeds to the mountain, while Chuckie stood still, intimidated by the Mountain. Chuckie is shown sweating nervously. After a significant distance, Tommy checks on Chuckie.]

Tommy: Chuckie?
Chuckie: Uhm... well, uh... you know... look, Tommy! There's a great mud puddle over there. Let's make mud houses, and maybe we could climb the Mountain later, like tomorrow, or never.
Tommy: But... uh, okay.

[Angelica walks in.]

Angelica: Too bad, Tommy. If your dumb little baby friend was more braver like me, maybe you'd have a funner time.

[Angelica laughs, then walks out.]

Chuckie: I'm sorry, Tommy.
Tommy: That's okay, Chuckie. I'll get some sticks, and you'll get some grass, and we'll make the bestest mud houses in the whole world!
Chuckie: Okay!

[The camera fades to Chuckie humming while gathering grass. Two mean children walk in.]

Mean Boy 1: Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Chuckie: Uh... I'm just getting some grass to make mud houses.
Mean Boy 1: Yeah? Well this is our grass, so just get off it!

[Chuckie gulps]

Chuckie: Uh... okay. Mister big kid, sir. Okay, I'll.. I'll just put this back. Sorry for walking on your grass.

[Chuckie backs off to Tommy]

Tommy: Something wrong, Chuckie?
Chuckie: No. I just didn't know all the grass belongs to those two babies.
Tommy: No it doesn't! Grass belongs to everybody.
Chuckie: Well... sorta, but it really belongs more to them, 'cause they're um...

[Chuckie whispers.]

Chuckie: ...big and mean!
Tommy: Chuckie! You just can't be scared all the time! Come on!

[Stu walks in.]

Stu: Come on kids, time for your nap.
Chuckie: Phew! Just in the nick of time.

[Tommy and Chuckie are placed in their strollers. Drew takes off Chuckie's shoes. Angelica walks in.]

Angelica: Daddy, I'm gonna go play in the sandbox.
Drew: Sure, princess.

[Tommy watches Angelica taking off her shoes. Angelica walks away to the sandbox.]

Chuckie: Sorry, Tommy. Maybe I won't be so scared after my nap.

[Chuckie dozes off while Tommy looks at Angelica's shoes, recalling what Angelica said to him.]

Angelica: "If your dumb little baby friend was more braver like me, maybe you'd have a funner time."

[Tommy dozes off, and the screen fades to black momentarily. The camera changes to Tommy's perspective while being waken up by Stu.]

Stu: Hey sport! Time to wake up.

[Both Tommy and Chuckie got off their strollers. Chuckie yawns.]

Chuckie: What do you wanna do, Tommy?
Tommy: We're gonna climb Big Kid Mountain!
Chuckie: But, we tried that once. Don't you 'member?
Tommy: I know you were scared last time, Chuckie. But this time, you won't be.
Chuckie: I won't? Why not?

[Tommy approaches Angelica's shoes that have been left on the grass.]

Tommy: You remember when Angelica said something about wearing other people's shoes?
Chuckie: Uhm... you mean that you start being just like 'em?

[Tommy picks up Angelica's shoes]

Tommy: Right! So if we put Angelica's shoes on you, you will be just like her, and you won't be scared to climb the mountain.
Chuckie: Tommy, if I put on Angelica's shoes, the only thing that's gonna happen is that she's gonna get really really mad!
Tommy: But you won't be scared of her, because you'll be just like her.
Chuckie: I don't know, Tommy.
Tommy: Let's just try it.

[Chuckie reluctantly accepts and sits down on the grass, letting Tommy put Angelica's shoes on his feet. The camera fades to Chuckie wearing Angelica's shoes.]

Tommy: Do you feel any different?
Chuckie: What am I supposed to feel like?
Tommy: Hmm... maybe like you wanna be mean to someone?
Chuckie: Nope.
Tommy: Hm, maybe we need to the the strings.

[An ominous music briefly plays to indicate change in Chuckie's personality.]

Chuckie: And who's gonna tie 'em, Tommy? A dumb little baby like you?!
Tommy: It worked, Chuckie! You're being just like Angelica!
Chuckie: I am?
Tommy: Uhm... uh... do you want to play on Big Kid Mountain?
Chuckie: Yeah! I do!

[Tommy and Chuckie walks to the top of the Mountain]

Tommy: That was great, Chuckie! You climbed the Mountain!
Chuckie: Of course I climbed the mountain. What's the big deal? Everyone can climb the mountain except for little scaredy babies.

[Chuckie points at Tommy, insulting the latter. Angelica angrily walks in to confront Chuckie.]

Angelica: Hey, Finster! What do you think you're doing, getting my shoes?!

[Angelica is shown approaching while holding Chuckie's shoes.]

Chuckie: Uh... got eat a mud, Pickles! These are yours no more!

[Tommy and Chuckie leave the top of the Mountain. Angelica angrily grunts.]

Angelica: Oh, he's in big trouble!

[Angelica accidentally steps on a spiky flower while running towards Tommy and Chuckie.]

Angelica: Ow!

[Angelica grunts in pain. She sits down on the grass briefly to put on Chuckie's shoes.]

Angelica: Good thing he has big dumb feet, 'cause when I get a hold of him...

[A sound effect plays to indicate change in Angelica's personality.]

Angelica: ...uhm, or maybe I'll just stay here. I'm sure he'll bring my shoes back soon.

[Angelica approaches Tommy at the lower part of the Mountain.]

Angelica: Do you wanna play Peek-a-Boo while we wait, Tommy?

[Tommy looks at Angelica's feet, noticing she's wearing Chuckie's shoes.]

Tommy: Uh, Angelica? Are you feeling... funny?
Angelica: Funny? Hm, no Tommy. Uhm... thank you for asking.
Tommy: I better get your shoes back from Chuckie before he gets into trouble.

[Tommy attempts to walk away.]

Angelica: Tommy, wait!
Tommy: What's the matter?
Angelica: I don't think I wanna be up here by myself.
Tommy: Well... uh, okay. I guess you'd better come with me.
Angelica: Thanks, Tommy.

[Tommy and Angelica walks down the Mountain. The camera cuts to three different children playing on the sandbox. Chuckie approaches them.]

Chuckie: You know, I really don't think digging in that sand is a very good idea.
Girl: Why not?
Chuckie: Ah, you'd need nothing to worry about...

[Chuckie puts out a scary face to the girl.]

Chuckie: ...unless the big sand worm crawls out and eats 'ya!

[The children start screaming and ran out of the sandbox. Chuckie laughs. Tommy witnessed everything Chuckie did, preparing to confront him.]

Chuckie: Now it's all mine!
Tommy: Chuckie, that was mean!
Chuckie: Ugh brother, you again?! Why don't you go suck a bottle somewhere else?
Tommy: We never should've done this, Chuckie! And give me those shoes, and put your own shoes back on.

[Tommy attempts to approach Chuckie, but Chuckie pushes him out.]

Chuckie: No way! These shoes are a lot more fun!

[Chuckie walks out of the sandbox. Angelica caught up with Tommy on the sandbox.]

Tommy: Come on, Angelica! We gotta go!

[Tommy pulls Angelica's arm to force her to follow him. Angelica is reluctant to leave the sandbox.]

Angelica: But what about the sand worms, Tommy? They could crawl up and eat us!

[Tommy grunts]

Tommy: I got an idea. Come on, Angelica!

[Tommy pulls Angelica out of the sandbox. The camera fades to Chuckie on top of the Mountain with children gathering around at the base of the Mountain.]

Chuckie: ...and you tell your mommies and daddies that the onlyest way you can play on Big Kid Mountain is if you all bring me lots of cookies.

[The camera cuts to Chuckie overlooking Tommy playing on the mud pit.]

Tommmy: Boy, this mud sure is fun!
Chuckie: What's he up to now?

[Chuckie walks away from the Mountain to approach Tommy on the mud pit.]

Tommy: Yup, this is the bestest mud in the whole world!
Chuckie: What do you think you're doing, Pickles?!
Tommy: Just playin' in this mud. The bestest part is taking off your shoes and wiggling your toes in it.

[The camera shows Tommy's muddy foot on the foreground with his toes wiggling.]

Tommy: Hm, of course, some people are too scared to play in the mud.
Chuckie: Yeah?! Well I ain't one of them, watch out!

[Chuckie sits down on the grass to attempt to remove Angelica's shoes. The camera pans to show the two mean boys walking in.]

Mean Boy 1: Hey!
Tommy: Uh oh!
Angelica: Oh no! Mean boys! Hide me, Tommy!

[Angelica attempts to hide underneath Tommy's shirt. Tommy pushes out Angelica.]

Tommy: Angelica, stop! Boy I never thought I'd miss the old Angelica.

[Mean Boy 1 confronts Chuckie and scolds him.]

Mean Boy 1: I thought I told you to get off our grass!
Chuckie: This grass? Oh, sorry. I forgot it was yours. Here you go!

[Chuckie picks up a pair of muddy grass, then smears it on each of the mean boys' shirts. Tommy gasps and covers his eyes. Mean Boy 2 starts sobbing.]

Mean Boy 2: He got me all wet and dirty!
Mean Boy 1: Let's get outta here! That kid's crazy!

[The two mean boys run away.]

Chuckie: Dumb babies! Now where was we?
Tommy: Uhm... are you gonna play on this real great mud with me?
Chuckie: Oh yeah!

[Chuckie bends over to attempt to remove Angelica's shoes, only to become suspicious on what Tommy was trying to do.]

Chuckie: Hey, wait a minute! You're trying to trick me, aren't 'ya? You want me to take these shoes off, huh?!
Angelica: I told him it was a bad idea, mister Finster sir.
Tommy: Angelica!
Chuckie: I'll teach you to play tricks!

[Chuckie starts angrliy chasing Tommy. Tommy screams.]

Tommy: Run, Angelica!

[Tommy and Angelica run away from the mud puddle. Angelica cowers in fear. Tommy keeps blindly running until he hears Chuckie tripping over. The camera shows Chuckie tripped over on the mud puddle with Angelica's shoes removed from his feet. Tommy anxiously watches Chuckie recover from the fall.]

Chuckie: You made me lose my shoes! Now I'm really mad!

[Chuckie gets up and continues chasing Tommy. Tommy runs away from Chuckie.]

Tommy: Oh no! He's stuck like that! Oh, why did I try to change him?

[Tommy trips over a rock and lands face-first into the mud puddle. The camera changes to Tommy's perspective before he hits the puddle. As Tommy hits the puddle, the camera becomes covered in mud then fades to black. The camera fades in to Tommy waking up on his stroller.]

Tommy: It was just a dream?

[Tommy approaches Chuckie still napping on his stroller. Tommy shakes Chuckie to wake him up.]

Tommy: Chuckie? Is that you? Are you still Chuckie?

[Chuckie wakes up in a cranky mood.]

Chuckie: Hey! Quit shakin' me!
Tommy: Oh no! You're still Angelica! I'm sorry, Chuckie! I'm sorry!
Chuckie: Oh no. I'm sorry, Tommy. I'm always all cranky when I get up from my nap.
Tommy: Chuckie, is that you?

[Chuckie laughs.]

Chuckie: Who else would I be?
Tommy: Oh, Chuckie! I had this terrible dream! You were like Angelica, and then Angelica was you.

[The camera fades to Tommy and Chuckie walking across a grassy field.]

Tommy: I don't ever want you to change, Chuckie. I like you just the way you are!
Angelica: Look out, you dumb babies!

[The camera cuts to a low-angle shot of Tommy standing near Angelica's dollhouse.]

Angelica: You're standing on my Cynthia's Malibu Beach House!
Tommy: Angelica, you're mean again!

[Tommy approaches Angelica.]

Angelica: Hey! Cut it out!

[Tommy starts hugging Angelica. Angelica attempts to escape Tommy's hug.]

Tommy: You mean, mean, mean, mean, mean girl!
Angelica: Yuck! Baby germs! Ew, get away! Stop it, Tommy! Yuck!

[Angelica screams while struggling to escape Tommy's hug. The camera cuts to an aerial shot showing Tommy hugging Angelica and Chuckie watching the two. The camera slowly pans to the Mountain in the background.]

Angelica: Ew, get away! Yuck!

[The camera fades to black.]

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