Season 4 Episode 15a
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Angelica Orders Out
Original Airdate November 15, 1997
VHS release Decade in Diapers Vol. 1
DVD release Decade in Diapers (DVD)
Season 4
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Angelica Orders Out is a Season four episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica somehow picks up the idea of prank calling by Stu's gadget, and racks up a gigantic bill on The Pickles' account by ordering almost every dessert product from their local deli.


Stu has created a new gadget: The Voice Frequency Modulator 5000. This item enables people to "throw their voice", or sound like someone else. When Angelica had a try, her voice sounded just like her mother, Charlotte. Stu and Didi plan to go to the Wonderful World of Wicker seminar while Charlotte goes to a meeting, leaving the kids in Grandpa Lou's care. Didi suggests that he order from Zippy Snappy Home Delivery deli for something to eat, asking him to not order any junk food, as she and Stu are trying to take care of Tommy and Angelica's teeth, or else she will take his teeth away.

After they leave, Lou shows Angelica the speed-dial phone and has her dial the deli. Lou then orders a healthy lunch of bologna sandwiches on white bread with extra mayo, some steamed carrots with a side of cottage cheese, and for desert some baked apples, all paid with the Pickles' account. Angelica is upset about the dessert that she's getting: baked apples, but Lou repeats Didi's words to her: "No junk food or he will lose his teeth."

After they eat their lunch and are eating their baked apples, except Angelica, Lou falls asleep telling Tommy about the time when he first ate baked apples with his grandfather. Relieved, Angelica goes to the phone and uses the speed-dial button to call the deli again, asking for a big bag of double-fudge chocolate chip cookies to be sent to the Pickles' house, much to Tommy's horror. When the deli explains that they only take orders from adults, she uses Stu's invention to pretend to be her mother, Charlotte. When the deli gives recites their dessert menu to Angelica, she proceeds to order every dessert item, then hangs up.

Having another idea, she calls her home where Drew is working. As Charlotte, she tells him that since Angelica has been so good lately, he should go to Toy City to get Angelica the new and very expensive "Cynthia Ultra-Mega Play World" that she's been wanting for so long. Drew initially resists, but Angelica yells at him to do it and then hangs up. Tommy asks to stop those cookies and get some healthy nourishing about baked apples.

After this, Tommy threatens to wake Lou, but she confines him to an upside-down laundry basket over him with a heavy box of Sudso laundry soap on top of it. Afterwards, she starts calling up everyone she knows, using Stu's invention, and apparently requesting more toys and such.

When the deli truck arrives, Angelica uses the voice-changer as well as a portrait of Didi to make the man leave the bags by the door and go away. As the deliman leaves, the screech of the van wakes Lou up. After freeing Tommy from under the laundry basket, he discovers what Angelica did and is horrified.

While he is trying to straighten things out, Didi calls and says that due to a "very serious splinter incident", the Wonderful World of Wicker seminar was canceled and that she and Stu would be home soon. Just then, the doorbell rings and Lou sees that it's Drew with some kind of big box.

Angelica is pleased to hear that her father got her the "Cynthia Ultra-Mega Play World" and the shocked Lou is even more mortified that Angelica also called her Drew with Stu's invention and asks if she called anyone else, which she says no. Lou then tells to hide while he takes care of the situation.

While Lou is talking with an irritated Drew, some cream-filled pastries fall out of a hole at the bottom of the deli bag that Lou is holding, earning Drew's suspicions that Angelica has been eating sweets. As Lou explained that he ordered himself some dessert while the kids were napping, and offering Drew one, Chaz, Betty, Howard, Chuckie, Phil and Lil arrive with presents, causing Lou to retreat back into the house, and even more confused of why they're here.

Angelica, in the background, tells Lou that she forgot to mention that she called them too, further angering him, and question her if she called anybody else, and Angelica answers no.

Lou goes back out to take the toy and tries to get rid of Drew, and given him the bag of deserts, but Drew didn't like cream-filled pastries. The other adults come over, and Chaz tells Drew if there not too late for Angelica's surprise party. Puzzled, Drew states that Angelica's birthday isn't for another six months. But it's summer in June. Then, Stu, Didi and Charlotte arrive, causing Lou to retreat back into the house. Inside, even more frantic than ever, He grabs Tommy, and tells Angelica to get rid of all the food while he keeps them busy.

Once he exits the house, he tells everyone that he thought Tommy how to dance, and moves him. Drew was confused when he told Lou that he taught he said they were napping. Charlotte arrives and surprised to see Drew here. He state that he guess he's here for this big surprise party that she didn't tell him about. Stu, and everyone demands acts suspicious, and confused, wanting to know what's really going on. As Lou tried to make excuses, they all saw Angelica on the floor stuffing her face with the pastries, thinking that he meant "eat the food" by "get rid of it".

The angry Stu and Didi demands to know what had happened, and Tommy finds the voice changer which gives him an idea while Lou tries to explain. As Angelica tries to tell everyone to just forget about it, Tommy holds the voice changer to her mouth, exposing her to everyone and getting her into a lot of trouble. Later, Stu locks the invention up in his safe with other failed experiments. You then see Angelica in the kitchen, forced to eat all of the flan that stacked in a pyramid before her on the table, which she does not like. She protests, but Charlotte sternly replies that since Angelica ordered the flan, she would eat it. Angelica grumbled of how was she suppose to know flan would be so yucky. Whilst Lou, with his teeth confiscated as punishment for falling asleep, explains that at least you can eat them without your teeth, which he did with such enjoyment.


  • This is the only appearance of Stu's voice-changing invention.
  • Angelica would've realized that she was speaking through the invention when Tommy put it in front of her mouth whilst she was talking to her family about what family really meant.
  • When Stu puts his voice-changer in the vault, we can see what looks like Mr. Friend from "The Mysterious Mr. Friend".
  • When Angelica goes to get the voice-changing invention, she seems to go to the other side of the kitchen. But Stu had left the invention in the living room.
  • When Angelica is calling some of the families she knows, most of the babies and parents are not even part of the same family.
  • This is, so far, the only known appearance of Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery.
  • If one were to think about it, it was actually Stu who caused the events of the entire episode. Stu made the voice-changer and showed it to Angelica, and Angelica used it to sound like a grown-up to get the things she wanted. Stu also ended the events of the episode by locking up the voice-changer into a safe.
  • It's odd that neither Chaz nor Howard know when Angelica's birthday is, considering the duo previously performed their clown act for Angelica in the episode Angelica's Birthday.
  • The lunch that Lou ordered was bologna sandwiches on white with extra mayo for the kids, steamed carrots and cottage cheese for himself, and baked apples for all. Angelica later ordered a bag of double fudge chocolate chip cookies as well as Larry's recommendations of chocolate cake, eclairs, coconut cream pie, strawberry short cake, chocolate macadamias, flan, and another dessert that begins with chocolate (likely donuts, as they are among the desserts that Angelica is seen pigging out on).
  • Interestingly enough, the cookies that Angelica first ordered are not seen among the desserts delivered. Nor is the large pyramid of flan that appears at the end.


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