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Angelica Nose Best Gallery Transcript
Season 4 Episode 17a
Angelica Nose Best
Original Airdate November 22, 1997
VHS release Angelica Knows Best
DVD release Season 5
Complete Series
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"Angelica Nose Best" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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After a mosquito bites Angelica on the nose, she thinks that she's turning into Pinocchio. Will this teach Angelica to stop telling lies to the babies? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins at Tommy's house as Didi is putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a vase with daisies in it. As Lou walks in, Didi tells him he was supposed to read a story to the kids. As Lou looks through a drawer, he tells Didi that he played a book on tape for them, so he could do what he likes while they listen to the story.

Tommy's tape player plays a tape of the story of Pinocchio, reading the part where Pinocchio's nose grew bigger after he ignored Gepetto's warning and told a lie. The tape then tells the babies to turn the page, which Tommy does. The tape then reads the part where Pinocchio's nose grew even bigger after he told another lie, then tells the babies to turn the page. Tommy does so, and is shocked when he gets to the page where Pinocchio's nose is even bigger. Phil and Lil laugh at this, and Phil tells Tommy that he really likes the story of Pinocchio. Lil then adds that she especially likes the part where the tape tells them to turn the page, as it always takes her by surprise. Angelica, however, doesn't find the story of Pinocchio very interesting, so she goes into the kitchen to see what Didi is doing.

Angelica asks Didi what she's doing, and Didi explains to her that she's finishing up a jigsaw puzzle she's been working on since before Tommy was born, and she's very excited that she's finally getting it done. Angelica asks Didi if she can help, but Didi stops her and tells her that her jigsaw puzzle isn't for three-year-olds to play with, much to Angelica's disappointment. Lou, now dressed in his Wombat uniform, walks into the kitchen and tells Didi that he has to go to a meeting, but he can't find the keys to his car. Didi tells Lou that she'll give him the keys to her van.

As they leave, Angelica climbs onto the chair and decides to work on Didi's jigsaw puzzle against the latter's wishes. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all walk in, and Tommy asks Angelica if she can help them, as his tape player ate his tape. He is then shocked to find Angelica playing with Didi's jigsaw puzzle, and tells her she's not supposed to play with it. Angelica tells Tommy to relax, as she only wants to help Didi. She then picks up a blue puzzle piece and tries to put it in the center of a daisy. The piece doesn't fit, and this frustrates Angelica.

Tommy warns Angelica not to wreck Didi's jigsaw puzzle, but she ignores him and slams her fist on the table, causing pieces to fly everywhere. Didi hears this and asks Angelica if everything's okay, and Phil tells Tommy that Didi's coming. Angelica suddenly worries, and as Didi walks in and sees the mess, she asks Angelica what happened. Angelica tells Didi that she didn't wreck her jigsaw puzzle, and blames it on Spike. She then tells Didi not to be mad at Spike.

Didi takes Spike outside, and Angelica is satisfied with her lie, until Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all look over at her. Chuckie tells Angelica that she didn't tell the truth, and that she broke the jigsaw puzzle and blamed Spike for it. Lil then tells Angelica that she told a lie, and Tommy tells her that her nose will grow bigger, just like Pinocchio's. Angelica tells Tommy that Pinocchio is a story made-up to scare babies and that real peoples' noses don't get bigger when they lie.

That night, as Angelica goes to sleep at her house, a mosquito flies into her bedroom and bites her nose, causing a red bump to form on it.

The next morning, as Angelica has her breakfast of Cynthi-Os, Charlotte is on the phone with Jonathan, telling him that she's staying home today to babysit Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica. Angelica then looks at her reflection in her spoon and sees the bump on her nose. She then worriedly runs up to Charlotte and asks her if her nose is bigger. Charlotte tells Angelica that she has a pretty little nose, when the doorbell rings. Charlotte tells Jonathan the courier must be at the door, and hangs up the phone.

Charlotte answers the door, and Lou is revealed to be on the other side, attempting to sell chocolates for a contest at the Wombat lodge, as he reads over a manuscript. Charlotte tells Lou that if he is selling chocolate bars, she can't buy any, as she is on the shark cartilage and wheatgrass diet. Lou gets frustrated when he hears this, as all he's heard all day from his customers is that they're on diets, and at this rate, he'll never win the prize the Wombat Lodge is offering. Charlotte asks Lou what it is, and Lou tells her he isn't sure, but it's something he really wants. Lou then asks Charlotte if she could help him talk to the French Lady next door, as during World War II, he charmed many ladies with boxes of chocolate. Charlotte tells Lou she'd be happy to help him, and tells him to come inside.

Lou sets his box of chocolates on a pillar where Charlotte's Louis Guitores vase is. As he walks away, Angelica sees the box of chocolates and eats one of the chocolate bars, when Tommy walks up to her and tells her that the chocolate bars don't belong to her. Angelica mocks Tommy, then pushes the Babies in a domino effect, causing them to fall and knock over Phil, Lil, and Chuckie. Chuckie cries, and this gets Charlotte's attention. Angelica, realizing Charlotte is coming, sees Fluffy sleeping next to her, and wipes the chocolate from her hands and face onto Fluffy's fur. As Charlotte tries to calm Chuckie down from crying, Lou is shocked to find his chocolates have been eaten. Angelica tells Lou she didn't eat his chocolates, and blames it on Fluffy, who is licking them off her fur. She then tells Charlotte not to be mad at Fluffy.

Charlotte punishes Fluffy by putting her in her cage and locking it. Once again, Angelica is satisfied with her lie, until she looks over at the babies. She asks them why they're looking at her, and Tommy tells Angelica that there's something wrong with her nose. Chuckie tells Angelica that her nose looks bigger, and Lil tells her that her nose is like Pinocchio's. Angelica tells the babies that Charlotte told her she has a pretty nose, and Phil tells her, "Yeah, pretty big!"

Angelica gets off the couch as she tells the babies that her nose isn't big, and chases them through the hallway. During the chase, Angelica bumps into the pillar where Charlotte's Louis Guitores vase is. The vase falls over and breaks, and this gets the attention of Charlotte, who is reading a magazine while drinking coffee. Angelica looks over at the broken vase, realizing that she'll be in trouble when Charlotte sees the broken vase. As Charlotte grieves over the broken vase, claiming it to be irreplaceable, Angelica tells her that she didn't break it, and blames it on Tommy and the babies She then tells Charlotte not to be mad at them.

Charlotte gives the babies a time-out in the playpen. Chuckie finds this punishment unfair, and Phil agrees with him, telling him that they didn't break anything. Lil then adds that at least they didn't break anything TODAY. Once again, Angelica is satisfied with her lie, until Tommy tells her that her nose is indeed getting bigger. Lil tells Angelica that her nose is getting bigger with every lie she tells. Angelica tells the babies that her nose is not getting bigger, and Phil tells her that if that's true, then her head's getting smaller. He, Chuckie, and Lil all laugh at this, and Angelica, determined to prove them wrong, looks at her reflection in a candle holder. She sees the bump on her nose, then runs away and screams.

As Lou finishes selling his chocolates to the French Lady, he thanks her for her participation, then walks back into Didi's van. Angelica worriedly runs up to him and asks him if anything is different about her. Lou tells Angelica that she's growing into a lovely young lady, but Angelica asks him if anything's different about her face. Lou sees the bump on Angelica's face, and jokingly states, "You haven't been lying now, have you? Huh, my little Pinocchio?" before he drives away. Angelica tells herself that she's been a good girl, then looks at her reflection in the hubcap of Charlotte's car. She sees her nose is bigger, and runs back into her house, crying.

She tells the babies that her nose keeps getting bigger, and won't stop. Lil tells Angelica that she could push her nose in, like a button, and Phil tells Angelica that she could let her nose get even bigger so she could keep her cookies in it. Lil likes the idea of storing cookies in her nose. Chuckie then tells Angelica that she could just stop telling lies. Angelica stares angrily at Chuckie, but Tommy likes Chuckie's idea; if telling lies makes Angelica's nose grow, maybe telling the truth will make it shrink. He then tells Angelica that, judging by the size of her nose, she'll have to tell a lot of truths to shrink it. Angelica then tells Tommy she doesn't remember how to tell the truth. Tommy tells Angelica that if she helps them get out of the playpen, they'll help her tell the truth.

In Charlotte's office sometime later, the babies interrogate Angelica to help her tell the truth. Tommy tells Phil to go first, and Phil asks Angelica who wrecked Didi's jigsaw puzzle. Angelica, not wanting to admit her faults, blames Spike. 45 minutes later, Lil asks Angelica who ate Lou's chocolate bars, and Angelica nervously blames Fluffy. 20 minutes later, Angelica confesses that she at least ate a little of Lou's chocolate. Tommy realizes his plan is working, as Angelica is starting to tell the truth. He then tells Chuckie to interrogate Angelica, and Chuckie asks Angelica who broke Charlotte's vase. Angelica bursts into tears as she confesses that she broke the vase. The babies cheer, and Angelica is proud of herself for telling the truth. She tells the babies that now she's going to tell the truth until her nose is back to its normal size.

Later that day, the doorbell rings. Charlotte answers the door, and Didi is revealed to be on the other side. She apologizes for being late, and asks her if everyone had a good time. Charlotte tries to tell Didi about how the babies broke her vase, but Angelica interrupts, telling her that she has plenty to tell her. She tells Charlotte the sky is blue, and Charlotte tries to talk to Didi about an accident, but Angelica interrupts again, telling her that playgrounds are fun. Didi asks Charlotte what accident she's talking about, but Angelica interrupts again, telling Charlotte that Lou is old. A frustrated Charlotte tells Angelica to stop interrupting her, as she's trying to tell Didi about how the babies broke her Louis Guitores vase. Didi is shocked when she hears this, but Charlotte assures her that what the babies did is true. She then asks Angelica if she agrees, and Angelica stutters as she looks over at the babies, before lying to her by telling her yes. The babies stare unhappily at Angelica as Lou parks his car.

He excitedly tells Didi and Charlotte that he won the contest, and brings in his prize. Charlotte asks Lou what he won, and Lou tells her it's a genuine antique fun house mirror. Angelica looks at her reflection in the mirror and bursts into tears. She then runs up to Charlotte and confesses everything to her. She confesses that she was the one who wrecked Didi's jigsaw puzzle, ate Lou's chocolates, and broke her vase. As Charlotte tries to calm Angelica down, Angelica looks at her reflection in the mirror and sees the bump on her nose is getting smaller. Tommy is proud of Angelica and tells his friends that he told them she was capable of telling the truth. Chuckie then tells Tommy that he thought Angelica was lying as the episode ends.


  • When Grandpa Lou discovers that his chocolate candy he was selling had been eaten by Angelica, Angelica yet again tells a lie by claiming that Fluffy did it and wipes the evidence (chocolate that was on her hands and face) on the cat's fur. In real life, chocolate is considered toxic to cats.
  • The Pinocchio book-and-tape read-along the babies listen to utilizes a turn-the-page signal that simply consist of the narrator saying "Turn the page" (to Lil's amusement), similar to the Little Golden/Wonder Book read-a-longs produced from the '50s to the '70s (released on 45-RPM record and on cassette).
  • The clocks in Charlotte and Drew's study have the times of London, Paris, Seoul, and Bahrain.
  • Moral: Honesty is the best policy. Don't blame others for things that only you did wrong yourself. Each lie told covers up other lies forming a web of lies.
  • Coincidentally, there is an All Grown Up! episode called "Miss Nose It All", which also focuses on Angelica and her nose.



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