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Angelica's Worst Nightmare Gallery Transcript

Big Boy: Hey what are you doing here sister? I thought I told you to scram. (spots her cheese) Oh, num-num. (eats the cheese, and burps) I want you to get out, but you wouldn't listen. Now I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson.

Angelica: Get back get away from me!

Big Boy: You had your chance.

Big Boy: Where do you think you're going sister?

(He picks up the toy car)

Angelica: No, please! I'm you big sister!

Big Boy: Well now you're num-num!

Angelica: DON'T EAT ME!!!

Drew: You were having a bad dream honey. Very thing's okay now.

Angelica: A bad dream! I don't there to be a new baby.

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