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Season 6 Episode 2b
Angelica's Twin
Original Airdate January 23, 1999
DVD release Season 6
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Angelica's Twin is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica invents an imaginary sister, Ballina, in order to scam more toys from the grownups. But can she keep the act up and fool the Rugrats? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Didi and Betty take their kids, along with Chuckie and Angelica, to a local toy store. The kids all pick out the toys they want, but Angelica becomes torn between two toys: a Cynthia cruise ship and a Cynthia space station. Betty points out to Didi that with her having two kids now, she'll have to get two of everything whenever she gets things for her sons, like Betty herself does with the twins. This gives Angelica an idea: she pretends to have a twin sister named "Ballina" so she can get both the cruise ship and the space station.

Didi and Betty don't actually buy it, but decide to play along, and get her both toys. Meanwhile, the babies believe that Angelica really does have a twin sister, and find that they like her more than Angelica, since "Ballina" is much nicer to them than Angelica is. The next day, at Tommy's house, Tommy and the others are waiting for "Ballina" to come over to their house. Angelica puts on her Ballina disguise, and the babies are happy to see "Ballina" again.

"Ballina" lets the babies play with her Cynthia space station toy, and the babies are happy with that, explaining that Angelica would never let them play with her toys and that she's hardly ever nice to them. "Ballina" feels that there must some things that the babies like about Angelica, but they (even Dil) explain that there really isn't anything they like about Angelica. Tommy says it doesn't matter, because now the babies have "Ballina" to play with instead of Angelica. "Ballina" then leaves, claiming that Angelica's calling for her.

Angelica's angry when she realizes what the babies really think of her, and is upset that they like "Ballina" more than herself, feeling that she should be the favorite because she was "here first." Angelica decides that "Ballina" should be mean to the babies, but the babies think that "Ballina's" being mean because she's spending too much time with Angelica. Angelica then decides to pretend that "Ballina's" leaving, but the babies get upset when they think she's gone. Angelica ends up accidentally revealing that she didn't really have a twin sister and that she was pretending the entire time. In the end, the babies admit that even though Ballina wasn't real, they still prefer her over Angelica, which makes Angelica mad.


  • Angelica said that "Ballina" was from Milwaukee, which most likely refers to the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. She noted that everyone walks there.
  • This is the last episode to use Tommy's signature crying voice clip. However, it was eventually used again in Three Jacks and a Beanstalk.
  • When "Ballina" felt that there had to be something that Lil and the boys liked about Angelica, this is some of the stuff she mentioned:
    • Angelica once gave Chuckie her ice cream cone---but Chuckie says that was only after she had dropped it on the ground and it got dirt and bugs all over it.
    • Angelica once tied Phil's shoelaces---but Phil says that she had tied the laces together so he couldn't walk.
      • It seems kind of strange that Angelica would just simply assume that the babies automatically like her, despite how mean she is to them.
  • A similar plot would later be used in the Wayside episode, Myron vs. Normy.

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How Many Times Did Lil DeVille Cry? - Part 4 - Angelica's Twin

How Many Times Did Lil DeVille Cry? - Part 4 - Angelica's Twin

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