Angelica's Sassy Styles Book
Angelica's Sassy Styles
Number of Pages 16
Written by Maria Rosado
Released May 1, 2002

Angelica's Sassy Styles is a Rugrats book and was released May 1, 2002.


A note from Angelica "Diva" Pickles:

Want to play beauty salon with the most beautifullest girl in town? All you gotta do is...everything I say! If I wanna look like a movie star, I'm gonna snap my fingers like this: SNAP! and you're gonna give me a glamorous hairdo. If I wanna look like a famous pitcher in a museum, SNAP! you'll make me into a work of art. Got it? Like I always say, if the wig fits, wear it!

Angelica Pickles knows style -- and so can you! With lots of reusable stickers inside, Angelica will show you what looking good is all about. - Back Cover

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