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Angelica's In Love Gallery Transcript
Season Two Episode 5a
Rugrats - Angelica In love
Angelica's In Love
Original Airdate October 4, 1992
VHS release Nickelodeon Mushfest
DVD release The Best of Season 2
Season 2
Previous Episode Mirrorland
Next Episode Ice Cream Mountain
Angelica's In Love is the first segment of the fifth episode of season 2, and the eighteenth Rugrats episode overall.

Characters Present


Angelica falls for Dean, a biker-type kid who she describes as "a 4-year old's dream on a 5-year old's bike". Her heart is broken when Dean ends up pledging his love to someone else -- his mother.

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


While visiting her cousin Tommy one day, Angelica catches a glimpse at a new boy, Dean. Almost immediately, she’s smitten by him, but doesn’t know how to tell him she likes him, so she drops him hints throughout the whole episode.

When Angelica and Dean finally have a chance to be together the boy's mother comes and picks him up. After this incident, Angelica decides not to fall in love again, but when a French boy becomes her new next-door neighbor, she instantly falls in love with him and forgets all about Dean.

Music Identification

  • Original Music by: Mark Mothersbaugh and Denis M. Hannigan


  • This is the first appearance of Dean.
  • This is the only appearance of Jean-Claude on television apart from a cameo in Angelica's Birthday, however, he does appear in the Rugrats book, Bonjour, Babies!.
  • This is the first episode to mention Chuckie's fear of the "Quaker Man" (referred to as "the guy on the oatmeal box").
  • This is one of the few episodes to make mention of real-life products.

Video Clip

Biker-Baby Dean Rescues Angelica Pickles Rugrats The Splat

Biker-Baby Dean Rescues Angelica Pickles Rugrats The Splat

Angelica’s First Love 💞 Rugrats NickSplat

Angelica’s First Love 💞 Rugrats NickSplat

Life Advice from Rugrats

Life Advice from Rugrats

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