Angelica's Assistant is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.


Angelica has to be nice to the babies or else her new Cynthia yacht will sail back to the toy store.


Angelica Pickles hired Harold to be her assistant when she got to preschool.

But when Harold & Angelica got home for a play date, Harold was being nice to the babies, and then accidentally broken the yacht. Angelica was mad at Harold. She tried to call the babies dumb, but Charlotte stopped Angelica. Harold yelled and called the babies good names like Tommy and Bob, but Angelica fired Harold and Angelica yelled at the babies and called them names and told them to get away from her Cynthia yacht. Charlotte caught Angelica for doing that and sent the yacht back to the toy store and Angelica gotten a long time-out for what she had done. The episode ends with Angelica & Harold being playmates after Angelica's time-outs are over.

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