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Season 8 Episode 11b
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Angelica's Assistant
Original Airdate January 29, 2003
DVD release Season 8
Previous Episode A Step at a Time
Next Episode A Tale of Two Puppies

Angelica's Assistant is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.


Angelica has to be nice to the babies or else her new Cynthia yacht will sail back to the toy store.

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The episode begins at Angelica's house as Charlotte answers her cell phone while drawing a picture of a duck on her PDA. She tells Jonathan to get to her house as soon as possible, as working at home and watching the babies isn't easy for her. She then tells him that Angelica will be happy to help him watch the babies.

Downstairs, Angelica, who has a brand-new Cynthia Dream Yacht, angrily orders Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi not to touch, look at, or think about touching or looking at anything, most especially her new Cynthia Dream Yacht, while she's away at Preschool. Tommy asks her why not, and she tells him that he and his friends are a bunch of dumb babies. Charlotte overhears this, and when Angelica sees her, she pretends to be nice to the babies by saying she loves them very much while hugging Lil. Charlotte tells Angelica that if she catches her being mean to the babies again, she's returning her new Cynthia Dream Yacht to the toy store. Angelica is shocked when she hears this just as there is a knock at the front door. Jonathan arrives, with a stack of files in one hand and a colossal low-fat no-foam cappuccino in the other. Charlotte angrily tells him that she orders a non-fat foam-foam frappuccino. She then turns to Angelica and reminds her to be nice to the babies, like she usually is. Angelica twitches in fear upon hearing this, and Tommy tells her not to worry, as being nice to him and his friends is easy for her to do. He tries to demonstrate by saying nice things about her, but he can't think of any, and neither can Phil and Lil. Kimi tells Angelica that she has nice ponytails, and Tommy praises her for it. He then tells Angelica to say something nice about him and his friends. Angelica struggles to do so, but is interrupted by Jonathan, who tells her it's time for her to go to Preschool. Angelica is relieved to hear this, as now she doesn't have to be around the babies, let alone say nice things about them, for several hours.

A few minutes later, Jonathan stops outside Preschool just as his cell phone rings. Charlotte is on the other end, and he hands his cell phone to Angelica. Charlotte tells Angelica that she has a playdate with a Preschool friend whose parents are well-connected with her. Angelica excitedly asks her who it is, and Charlotte tells her it's Harold Frumpkin. Angelica drops Jonathan's cell phone in shock when she hears this.

In Miss Weemer's classroom, Harold, who is carrying markers and paper, walks up to Angelica, who is eating her lunch. He asks her if she is excited about their play date, but she tells him, "Zipper it!". Susie then walks up to them, and asks what's going on. Harold tries to tell Susie that he's real excited about his play date at Angelica's house, but Angelica shoves her peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his mouth to silence him. Angelica then tells Susie that Harold never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before. Harold tries to tell Susie about his play date with Angelica again, but his mouth is filled with Angelica's sandwich, leaving his words unintelligible. Miss Weemer then calls her class over to circle time to discuss "What's My Favorite Thing? Day". Susie runs up, but before Harold can, Angelica tells him not to tell anyone about his play date at her house. After the two walk up to the circle, Miss Weemer chooses Susie to tell about her favorite thing first. Susie tells Miss Weemer that her favorite things are flowers, art, music, dancing, and the Dewey Decimal System. Miss Weemer is very impressed with Susie's choices, especially the Dewey Decimal System. She then chooses Clark, who tells her that fire trucks are his favorite thing, because they're fast and loud. He then runs around the classroom, imitating a fire truck siren. Miss Weemer stops him, then chooses Harold. Harold tells Miss Weemer that his favorite things are cheese, shoes, and most of all, his play date with Angelica today. The class laughs upon hearing this, and Miss Weemer tells Harold that he can tell them about his play date with Angelica tomorrow. Angelica frowns upon hearing this, as she is not looking forward to hearing about it.

After Angelica gets home from Preschool, Harold, who is pouring orange juice into a cup, tells Angelica that their play date together is gonna be the best day ever. Lil asks Angelica who her friend is, but Angelica tells her that Harold isn't her friend, he's her Harold. Harold is impressed upon hearing this, saying he's never been anyone's Harold before. He then asks Angelica what they're going to do first. He comes up with an idea, but before he can say it, he trips on a rubber duck and splashes his orange juice on Angelica's face. This angers Angelica, but the babies laugh. Phil says that spilling the juice on Angelica is a game that he loves, and tells Harold he's good. Lil then says that Harold is handsome as well. Charlotte then calls Angelica, Harold, and the babies over for their snack. As they run over to the table, the phone rings and she answers it. She then calls Jonathan over to answer the phone, and tells Angelica that she and Jonathan are very busy today, and because she's her big girl, she gets to help the babies with their snacks. Angelica is outraged when she hears that not only does she have to be nice to the babies, the has to help them as well. Jonathan then walks into the room and tells Charlotte that he can't fire her Grandmother, and that she should do it. Charlotte tells Jonathan that, as his assistant, it's up to him to do the things she doesn't want to, so she can do important things. Angelica overhears, and gets an idea. She then tells Harold that he's going to be her assistant today. Harold is excited when he hears this, as he's never had a job before, and Angelica angrily orders him to get to work. She tells him he can start by feeding the babies while she plays with her Cynthia Dream Yacht. Chuckie looks at the snacks, and says that they don't look like the snacks he and his friends usually have. Harold looks over at the fridge and tells the babies that they could go shopping.

Nearly half an hour later, Harold and the babies have raided the fridge, and various discarded foods are now all over the floor. Angelica walks in and is shocked when she sees this. She then asks Harold what he's done. Harold, who has a bowl of various blended foods, tells her that he made snacks, and saved some for her. He tries to walk up to her, but trips over the excess and spills it on Angelica and her Cynthia Dream Yacht. The babies laugh when they see this, and Phil tells Harold to do it again. Angelica tries to calm herself down, saying to herself that she has to be nice to the babies for just one day in order to keep her Yacht. Charlotte then walks in and is shocked when she sees the mess, telling her that she's closer to losing her Dream Yacht. She then tells her that she's going to help her clean up the mess while Harold and the babies play in her bedroom. Angelica is shocked when she hears this, and tells Charlotte that the babies will wreck all her toys. Charlotte tells her that it's important for her to learn how to share, and she's sure that the babies will play nicely.

In Angelica's bedroom, Tommy tosses Cynthia into the air while Kimi jumps on Angelica's bed. Lil is now dressed in Angelica's clothes, and even imitates her behavior. As Phil plays with Angelica's toys really fast, he tells Harold to play with everything as fast as he can, as they may never get this kind of chance again. Harold is drinking juice, and has left discarded juice boxes on Angelica's record player. He then tells the babies he's on his juice break. Phil then brushes the fur of one of Angelica's teddy bears, until the brush breaks off the handle. Before Tommy can toss Cynthia to Chuckie, who is standing in front of the door, Angelica opens it, knocking him down. Cynthia lands near her, and Angelica is shocked when she sees how messy her room is. Charlotte walks in and tells Angelica she's just checking on the babies, and that they're having a wonderful time. She then tells her to put all her toys away when they're done and walks away. As soon as she's out of earshot, Angelica tells Harold that she's going to relax with her new Dream Yacht, and when she gets back, everything had better be put away and fixed, or else. After Angelica leaves, Harold asks the babies what she means by, "Or else". Lil tells Harold that Angelica never says what. Harold asks the babies if they remember where everything goes. The babies all nod their heads, "No" in unison, but begin to clean up anyway in order to help their new friend. As Harold puts Angelica's pillow in her drawer, he finds a picture of Clark surrounded by hearts, indicating Angelica has a crush on him.

Angelica returns, relieved to see her room clean again. Harold then asks Angelica why she has a picture of Clark surrounded by hearts. Angelica nervously tells him the picture came that way, and takes it from him. She then sets her Cynthia Dream Yacht on her bed, and as she opens her drawer, she finds some of her clothes and toys poking out of it. She then tells Harold that that stuff doesn't go in her drawer, and asks what he did with the rest of her stuff. Tommy tells her they put it in the closet, as they put a lot of things in there. Angelica opens her closet doors, and the rest of her toys fall out of it. Chuckie and Kimi see this and laugh. Before Angelica can respond, Charlotte walks in and tells Angelica she's sharing her toys with the babies. She then tells her that she's on a conference call, and asks her if she can watch over the babies just a little longer. Angelica tells her that she'll sing, dance, and do whatever it takes to make the babies happy as she puts a top hat on Tommy's head. As soon as Charlotte leaves, Angelica tells Harold to make stupid faces, and clean her room again, this time, the right way, as she has people lined up outside, waiting to have his job. Angelica leaves, and Harold is worried, as if he loses his job, he won't have one. He then tells the babies that Angelica told them she'd sing and dance for them, and asks them if they'd like that. Tommy tells him that he and his friends have seen Angelica sing and dance, so it isn't something they'd like. He then asks Harold if he'd like to do it instead as he hands him the top hat on his head.

Harold sings, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" using a horse head on a stick as a cane for the babies, who all applaud for him. As he finishes, he accidentally knocks Angelica's Cynthia Dream Yacht off her bed, causing its smokestack to break off. The babies gasp when they see this. Harold tells the babies he can fix it, but just before he tries to, Angelica comes back, shocked when she sees her broken Yacht. She then tells Harold that he broke her Yacht as she puts its smokestack back in place. She then tells Harold he's the worst assistant she's ever had as she puts her Yacht on a shelf. Before she can insult the babies, Charlotte comes in, telling her she's sure she's being nice to the babies. After she leaves, Phil tells Angelica that she was about to call them "Dumb Babies". Angelica then tells the babies that she can't be mean to them. She then looks over Harold and gets an idea; if she can't be mean to the babies, he can. She then orders Harold to yell at the babies and call them names. Harold tells her that he likes the babies, and he can't be mean to them. Angelica tells him that if he isn't mean to the babies, they can never have another play date again. Harold reluctantly agrees to do so, and decides to start by yelling. He yells, and the babies are very impressed when they hear him, much to Angelica's ire. Harold then asks the babies what names they'd like him to call them. Tommy tells him he'd prefer to be called "Tommy", and Phil tells him he always wanted to be called "Bob". An unimpressed Angelica angrily tells Harold he's fired, and decides to show him how it's done. She calls the babies, "Stinky, smelly, drooly, poopy, shorty, hardly-any-teeth babies", and angrily tells them to stay out of her room, not to eat her cookies, and absolutely never to touch her Cynthia Dream Yacht. Unknown to her, Charlotte has witnessed the entire event, and tells her, "They won't, because it's going back to the toy store!". She then tells Angelica she's going to time-out for a very long time. Harold watches sadly as Charlotte takes Angelica away, and Chuckie tries to comfort him by telling him he'll find another job someday. Kimi tells him that he's "youngly", and Lil tells him that he still has Preschool to finish.

The next day at preschool, Angelica plays with Cynthia and a raft she made out of popsicle sticks in a puddle. Susie walks up to her and asks how her playdate with Harold went yesterday. Angelica tells Susie that Harold isn't her best friend, but Harold runs up to her and hugs her, telling her she is his best friend. Susie laughs when she sees this. Harold then tells Angelica that since their mothers are friends with each other, when she's done with all her time-outs, they're going to have many more playdates together. Angelica tells him, "Keep dreaming, snack boy!". Harold then sees Clark, and is about to tell him about Angelica's picture of him, but Angelica quickly silences him, telling him she'll play with him tomorrow if he never tells Clark their little secret. Harold agrees, and tells Susie that his next play date with his best friend will be a great one. He then screams to the world that Angelica is his best friend. Everyone laughs when they hear this, and Harold hugs an unamused Angelica as the episode ends.


  • Jonathan's skin becomes more lighter brown in this episode.
  • This is the second episode that reunites Dan Castellaneta and Nancy Cartwright where Dan voices Homer, Krusty, Sideshow Mel, Itchy, and Abe while Nancy voices Bart, Nelson, and Ralph in The Simpsons.


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