All Grown Up!: Fun & Games are games and activities that appear on the All Grown Up! CoolToons website, managed by Klasky-Csupo. The games were made around the early-to-mid 2000s (sometime around 2003 & 2004) and are still functional 'til this day. Only two activities are broken and do not work, those are "Dil Maze" and "Coloring Pages".

Bubble Popping Game

This game is quite simple, all the player has to do is pop the bubbles the characters are blowing. There is no time limit and the player can pop as many bubbles as they want and as fast as they can. The game was inspired by opening sequence where the characters all blow their bubble gum bubbles and pop them towards the end. To play this game, click here.

Singing Memory Game

Memorize the vocal sequence of Tommy, Susie, Angelica, and Emica! And then mimic the same sequence in the order which was given. To play this game, click here.

All Grown Up! Puzzle

Drag puzzle pieces to create the promotional image. To play this game, click here.

Coloring Pages (defunct)

The coloring pages (out of commission) would allow you to color Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Angelica.


This activity was just a page that allowed people to download a images that people can use as posters. To download the posters, click here and here.

Dil-Maze (defunct)

This game was a maze game that focused on Dil finding his way to Pablo.

Scorpio Medallion

This activity gave step-by-step instructions to create the Scorpio medallion that is worn by Stu and Emica. To follow the instructions, click here.


You can find All Grown Up: Fun & Games gallery here.

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