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All's Well That Pretends Well Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 17a
Rugrats - Alls Wells That Pretends Well.jpg
All's Well That Pretends Well
Original Airdate April 25, 1999
July 6, 2001 (US)
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Two By Two
Next Episode Big Babies

"All's Well That Pretends Well" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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The Rugrats are going to the Cirque du Dummi Bear show (a French interpretation of The Dummi Bears), and Angelica really wants to go. Too bad she's catching a cold. Can she hide this fact from her parents and the rest of the grown-ups by making them think one of the other babies is sick? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The Cirque du Dummi Bear is in town, and the babies want to go. Angelica and her parents arrive at Tommy's house, saying that they have been hearing sneezes coming from Fluffy (though it is actually Angelica trying to hide her cold). After Angelica sneezed, Didi came into the living room, alarmed, asking who sneezed. Angelica says that it was Dil who sneezed. As Didi takes Dil into the kitchen for a checkup, Tommy blames Angelica for lying. However, Angelica doesn't want to miss the show. The babies reluctantly agree.

Didi and Stu put their youngest son back into the playpen after learning that he's not running any fevers, and saying that they have to watch the kids closely, knowing that they can't bring a sick child to Cirque du Dummi Bear; since it could cause an international epidemic and they don't want to get other people sick. This worries Angelica as she thinks she might be sick. Feeling that she deserves to go to the show more than the other Rugrats, Angelica comes up with a plan to make it seem like Chuckie, the twins and her cousins are sick and not her.

She comes into the kitchen, asking the grown-ups, who are at a discussion and eating ice cream, if she can watch the babies in case any of them get sick. Didi shows her a Lipschitz medical book, and in a section, it shows that the main symptoms are pale and blotchy skin, shivering (for fevers) and sneezing (or runny nose). Angelica, trying not to sneeze, exits the room with that thought, and sneezes into Spike's back. She grabs some baby powder and lipstick from the bathroom, saying that there's going to be an "epidermis".

She puts the powder and lipstick on Phil and Lil, saying that they should dress up as clowns (she's actually making it look like the twins have pale and blotchy skin). Tommy thinks that the lipstick dots on their faces look like chickenpox and she should make the dots bigger, but Angelica says it's what all clowns wear these days. As she is about to prepare to do Tommy and Dil next, she sneezes again. Didi, alarmed, enters the living room again, and is shocked at the sight of the twins.

In the kitchen, Didi grabs the electronic thermometer from her Lipschitz medical kit and checks their temperature. The thermometer reads normal. As Betty places her hands on her kids' heads to check the temperature, she is relieved that the twins aren't sick and figures they must've gotten into the makeup. Since pale and blotchy didn't work, Angelica comes up with another plan to make it look like the babies are sick, with a box of ice cream to make them shiver.

She apologizes to the babies and gives them the ice cream. The babies get into it, with Tommy reluctantly joining in, and once they have eaten it all, they begin to shiver as the ice cream was cold. Angelica enters the kitchen again and informs the grown-ups. Didi, Betty and Chas take their kids to the kitchen for another checkup, this time with charts. After Didi smells the scent, Betty takes a sample of ice cream from Lil's mouth and says that the kids must have gotten into it and are fine.

Shivering didn't work, either. So the only thing left to do is to make it look like the babies are sneezing, or to make them sneeze. Angelica grabs the feather duster from the kitchen cabinet. However, her plan backfires, thanks to Spike, and Angelica lets out a lot of sneezes. The grown-ups enter the living room and hear her sneezing this time. The regular thermometer from the medical kit reads 101°, and Drew concludes that Angelica can't come because she's sick. Charlotte says that she and Drew will watch her back home while the rest go to the show. This disappoints Angelica.

Drew offers to watch a Dummi Bear video, but Angelica refuses. Just then, a bunch of feigning sneezes are heard, and the rest of the group returns. Didi says that as soon as they got to the tent, the kids have been sneezing (except for Dil). As the grown-ups enter the kitchen to consult Lipschitz, the babies say that they didn't want to have any fun at the Circus because Angelica was missing it, so they feigned being sick for her.

Stu comes back to the living room with some good news. While they were at the gift shop, he bought a VHS of the entire show (it's also available on Laserdisc, DVD, HDTV, CD-ROM, Betamax and 8-track, according to Chaz). Angelica is amazed that she can see the show after all. The entire group watches the tape and the episode ends with Angelica sneezing one last time.


  • The Cirque Du Dummi Bear show is available on VHS videocassette, DVD, CD ROM, laser disc, HDTV, Betamax, 8-track, compact audiocassette, and compact disc.
  • Angelica did not seem fatigued, which is a symptom of most illnesses, so it is possible she was allergic to something and the thermometer was malfunctioning.
  • This is not the only time Didi mistakes Dil to be sick. She does it again in "Man of the House".
  • The Pickles' family health chart doesn't have a line about Tommy's health rate.
  • Chuckie didn't have to pretend to shiver as he was already shaking from fear.
  • The ice cream the babies ate was vanilla.
  • There was a virus spreading (according to Didi) during the time of this episode in-universe. However, Angelica likely didn't have it as she was not shivering and did not have pale, blotchy skin.
  • The thermometer used to check Phil and Lil read -55.67. However, this must be incorrect as in babies, anything below 36.4 degrees Celsius, or 97.5 degrees Farenheit, is considered hypothermia.