Alien Spike
Visitors from Outer Space 039
Name Alien Spike
Gender Male
Species Dog-like alien
Occupation (none)
Interests (none known)
Relatives (none known)
Friends Didor, Stuvon, Robot Lou
Enemies Tommy (possibly)
Only Appearance Visitors from Outer Space
Alien Spike is a one-eyed, dog-like doppelganger of Spike. He lives with DidorStuvon, and Robot Lou in a large spaceship. This minor character was part of Tommy's dream in which he was abducted by UFOs. He is most likely non-existent, just like his owners, since he is only a figment of Tommy's imagination. Although at the end of the episode there is a hint he may be real.


Alien Spike is the pet of aliens Didor and Stuvon. He resides in a large spaceship that his owners use to abduct children from Earth. He only has one eye and a strong resemblance to the Pickles' family pet, Spike. Alien Spike has not been heard barking, growling, or making any sounds whatsoever, though the character's barks probably sound somewhat like the barks of Spike.


Alien Spike has brown fur and two gray spots. He has no legs and eyes on his ears' ends and his tail. The character has one large white eye and a red-brown nose.


The alien version of Spike has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, Visitors from Outer Space. He only appeared in this episode and never seen again in any later episodes. 


  • He Appears somewhat friendly as the Dog Spike.
  • He shares the same name with the host from the 1992 film Alien 3.


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