Name: Sabu
Gender: Male
Voice: Kate Donahue
Interests: Reptar
Friends: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Spike
First Appearance: Heat Wave

Name: Al-Sabu
Khalid ibn-al Karim Hussein Jalhani ibn Kemta bin al Mahmoud Jazir Rafket al Beruit Khalid Jaffar Musavi Ruhoallah Yazd Taifya Jauf Ali Barack Salih Osama Ahmadinejad

Age: 2
Voiced By: Kate Donahue
Nationality: Arabic


Al-Sabu is a possible Arab descent, judging by his accent and clothing. One hot afternoon in the park, he helped quench the other babies' thirst by guiding them across the hot basketball court to a new source for water. He's very helpful and kind to the others, he also admires Tommy's bravery, saying "He is a very brave baby or a very silly one". Like the babies, he is also a fan of Reptar.


  • 'Al' is an Arabic prefix that means 'the'. When used in names, it is intended to emphasize the meaning of the person's name. Since 'Sabu' means 'heart of light', calling him 'Al-Sabu' means that 'Sabu has a heart of light'.
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