Season 6 Episode 34/35/36
Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts
Original Airdate November 7-9, 2000 (serialized version)
August 4, 2001 (movie version)
DVD release Season 7
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"Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts" is a three-part episode of Rugrats that serves as the season premiere to the show's seventh season. The episode's story serves as a lead-in to the events of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, and it is also notably the last episode to use the original intro sequence.

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In part 1, "Diaper Change" (given in press release as "Diapey Butts"), the gang goes to the Fall Festival to see the fall colors, take hayrides, and enjoy the bounty of the harvest. Angelica takes advantage of the fall weather by reminding the Rugrats that a lot of bad things happen as the season rolls in; and it's not just falling leaves, or squirrels storing nuts for the winter. And something bad does happen, when Grandpa moves out (again) after Stu's latest invention, a Reptar robot for Euro Reptar Land, malfunctions in his basement. Meanwhile, Chaz starts to play "The Dating Game", after Betty gave him a makeover AND a date each night with one of her loony friends; Betty also had Phil & Lil switch to super-absorbent diapers, the size of extra-large Depends.

In part 2, "Fall Stinks", Tommy and the Rugrats give up Reptar for good (or not?), and bury all their Reptar stuff in the sandbox; this is after Tommy felt that it was Reptar that caused Grandpa to leave. Later, when the gang visited Grandpa, he was transported to the hospital, following a salsa-dance mishap at his new home -- a retirement community where a fun, active life is compulsory. Meanwhile, Chaz finds himself attractive to a lot of women (all of them Betty's friends), but which one does Chaz feel comfortable with the most (considering they're all "sideshow" material)?

In the conclusion, "Don't Poop On My Parade", the Rugrats try to stop Fall by stopping the parade, and they do, with a little help of their former friend, Reptar. And in the audience, someone from Euro Reptar Land is watching, in hopes that it would become an important part of the new theme park. Meanwhile, Grandpa recovers nicely, but ends up coming down with a new disease -- the "Love Bug" -- after a nurse named Lulu brought him back to health. In a bizarre twist, this wasn't the first time they met, yet it was the first time they knew each other.


Diaper Changed

The Rugrats prepare for the fall, festival where the babies will play vegetables in the parade and Angelica and Susie will sing their special song for autumn. When Angelica warns the Rugrats that "change is in the air" and that some of it may not be good, Tommy, Chuckie and the twins think little of it at first; but when bad things begin to happen they begin to believe that Angelica may be right this time. Meanwhile, the grown-ups decide they want to help fix up Chas with a date. - Description from Klasky Csupo.

Fall Stinks

Part 2 of 3-part prequel to "The Rugrats In Paris" movie begins with Grandpa Lou moving out of Stu and Didi's house and into his new retirement resort. Meanwhile, Phil and Lil have numerous problems with the oversized diapers they are forced to wear, and Chas begins spending all his spare time dating a series of bizarre women that Betty sets him up with. As Chuckie tries to adjust his life without his dad being around, and Tommy searches for the reason why his Grandpa left (he thinks it's because of Reptar), the Rugrats all have their share of changes to deal with. - Description from Klasky Csupo.

Don't Poop On My Parade

Grandpa breaks his leg at his retirement home and falls for a nurse named Lulu who treats him in the hospital. Meanwhile, the Rugrats decide if they stop the fall parade, maybe they can also stop all the bad changes that have been happening. Will they ruin Stu's demonstration of his giant Robotic Reptar and Susie Angelica's song? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


  • This is the last Rugrats episode to use the original theme song.
  • At three parts, this is the longest Rugrats episode, and was also the longest multi-part episode of any Nicktoon until the Avatar: The Last Airbender four-part series finale, "Sozin's Comet", in 2008.
  • At first, the title "Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts" was used only in early schedules and press releases -- the actual episodes displayed only the titles of each part. But with the 8/4/2001 "movie" version, this title was used in the schedule. Also, in the "movie" version, there was only one title card, with the "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts" title, and one set of closing credits covering all 3 parts. Also, all the writers and directors are credited at the top of the movie. Finally, the titles of the 3 parts are not seen at all in the "movie" version.
  • Grandpa had moved before in the episode Grandpa Moves Out. Only, in this episode he didn't return home.
  • The third part of this episode will introduce Grandpa's new wife, Lulu, voiced by Debbie Reynolds.
  • In part 1, there's a scene where Chas and Chuckie visit the grave of Melinda Finster at a cemetery. However, even though a cemetery has "death" written all over it, Nick's ban against such usage of words like "dead" and "died" is still in full force.
  • Chas met Chuckie's mom while she was selling organic produce at a swap meet. He broke out and needed mouth-to-mouth rescucitation from her because he was allergic to her vegetables.
  • For the upcoming fall parade, Tommy is dressed like a corn-on-the-cob while Chuckie is dressed like a pumpkin. Dil is a potato.
  • Tommy's quote is a parody of Peter Finch's line from the movie "Network".
  • Grandpa Lou and Lulu first met back in World War II.


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