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Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 34/35/36
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Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts
Original Airdate November 7-9, 2000 (serialized version)
August 4, 2001 (movie version)
DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
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"Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts" is a three-part episode of Rugrats that serves as the premiere to the show's seventh season. This episode serves as a lead-in to Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, and it is also notably the last episode to use the original intro sequence, which has been used since the series premiered in 1991.

It takes place during the Fall. In this episode, Tommy's fear for changes comes true as Lou permanently moves out of their house and into a retirement home, and must come to terms with his Grandfather not being around as much as before. Meanwhile, Betty tries to find a new love for Chas (none of which turn out great), but Chuckie is starting to feel left out. Phil and Lil on the other hand, have a hard time adjusting to their newly oversized diapers that has been forced upon them, as it becomes very difficult for them to move regularly like they use to.

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Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 1 - Diaper Change

The Rugrats prepare for the fall, festival where the babies will play vegetables in the parade and Angelica and Susie will sing their special song for autumn. When Angelica warns the Rugrats that "change is in the air" and that some of it may not be good, Tommy, Chuckie and the twins think little of it at first; but when bad things begin to happen they begin to believe that Angelica may be right this time. Meanwhile, the grown-ups decide they want to help fix up Chas with a date. - Description from Klasky Csupo

Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 2 - Fall Stinks

Part 2 of 3-part prequel to "The Rugrats In Paris" movie begins with Grandpa Lou moving out of Stu and Didi's house and into his new retirement resort. Meanwhile, Phil and Lil have numerous problems with the oversized diapers they are forced to wear, and Chas begins spending all his spare time dating a series of bizarre women that Betty sets him up with. As Chuckie tries to adjust his life without his dad being around, and Tommy searches for the reason why his Grandpa left (he thinks it's because of Reptar), the Rugrats all have their share of changes to deal with. - Description from Klasky Csupo

Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 3 - Don't Poop On My Parade

Grandpa breaks his leg at his retirement home and falls for a nurse named Lulu who treats him in the hospital. Meanwhile, the Rugrats decide if they stop the fall parade, maybe they can also stop all the bad changes that have been happening. Will they ruin Stu's demonstration of his giant Robotic Reptar and Susie and Angelica's song? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 1 - Diaper Change

The episode begins at Tommy's house. As the first Autumn leaf falls to the ground, Stu's latest invention, the Power Picker 2000, sucks it up with one of its tubes. After its demonstration, Stu tells Didi he's ready to go to the park and pick apples. As he has his back turned, the Power Picker 2000 sucks up his tie and his hair with its tubes.

Later that day at the park, children and their parents are picking apples as Stu tries to fix the Power Picker 2000. Didi, who is carrying Dil, who is dressed as a leaf, admires one of the Macintosh apples and eats it. Meanwhile, Lou, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil are taking a hayride. Lou is reading The Princess and the Pea to the babies, but falls asleep halfway through the story. Lil then tells Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil that their hayride is one of the best times she's ever had. Phil then says that the fall parade is going to be even better, and is looking forward to wearing the costumes that Didi is making them for the parade. Chuckie tells Tommy that he's never been in a parade before, and is excited to be in one. Tommy tells Chuckie that he's excited as well, and that fall has plenty of great things to look forward to. As Phil and Lil climb up the hay pile, Phil asks Lil what fall is. Lil demonstrates by pushing Phil down the haystack, obviously not the "fall" Phil was referring to. Lil then jumps down and Phil giggles, saying he likes fall. Tommy then tells Phil and Lil that the "fall" Phil was referring to is the time of year when the leaves fall to the ground, and once they're on the ground, they get raked into piles for them to jump into. The four babies jump into the hay pile, causing it to fly into the air and land on Lou's head. Suddenly, the cart stops, and Lil wonders why it did that. She, along with Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil all crawl to the back of the cart, and see a man shoveling horse poop. This gives Phil the idea to do just that when he grows up. The cart starts up again, and the babies fall over. Some acorns fall out of Chuckie's pants pocket. Chuckie explains to Tommy, Phil, and Lil that he and Chas found some acorns in their backyard. Tommy, Phil and Lil all look at them in awe, then Chuckie tells them that tonight, he and Chas will paint faces on the acorns. Tommy tells Chuckie that that's great, and Chuckie tells Tommy he's looking forward to spending some quality time with his father.

As the cart passes by the apple trees, Stu reveals the Power Picker 2000 to the other adults. He explains to them that the Power Picker 2000 will pick apples 200 times faster than the average human, demonstrating by having it pick many apples from the trees. Didi tells Stu that while his invention is very nice, she's not sure if they need so many apples. The Power Picker 2000 then rolls towards a ladder that Howard is atop. Stu tries to stop the Power Picker 2000 before it can get to the ladder, but it knocks the ladder over, causing Howard to land in his basket. Stu then tells the other adults, including an angry Howard, that he still needs to iron out the bugs in his invention. Angelica, who is eating a pair of caramel apples, asks Didi and Betty if they'd like to hear the song she's singing for the parade. Didi then tells Angelica that she and Betty have already heard the song several times. Angelica then tells her that she'll sing again, much to Didi and Betty's disdain. Angelica sings-off key, and an unimpressed Dil blows a raspberry at her. Betty then asks Didi how the babies' vegetable costumes are coming along. Didi tells her the costumes are nearly finished, and the babies will look so cute in them in the Wombat Cornucopia float of the parade. Betty sniffs, then tells Didi that she smells a change. Didi thinking that Betty was speaking metaphorically about fall, tells Betty that she smells it, too. Betty then tells Didi that Dil might need his diaper changed. Didi then sniffs Dil and tells Betty she's right. She then takes Dil away to change his diaper. Meanwhile, Howard is back on the ladder, picking apples as Stu attempts to fix the Power Picker 2000. Just as he thinks he fixed it, it falls apart from the inside.

After Dil has his diaper changed, Didi sets him back down and gives him a bottle of formula. Chas comes by, carrying various gourds. He asks the other adults if fall is grand. He then trips over Howard's ladder, causing him to fall over and spill his gourds, and Howard to fall off the ladder again. Howard lands on Chas, who apologizes to him. Didi and Betty walk up to him, and Betty asks Chas what he's doing with so many gourds. Chas scoops up the gourds and tells Betty that the gourds remind him of Melinda, his deceased wife. When she was alive, Melinda loved to garden and grew all kinds of plants for her arts and crafts. He was amazed at what she could do with gourds and glitter.

Halfway through drinking his bottle of formula, Dil tosses the bottle into the air. It lands on the remote to the Power Picker 2000, pressing the button that starts it up. Stu chases after it, and they pass by the hay cart, where the babies are playing. Apples fall into the cart, and one lands on Lou's head, waking him up. He is shocked when he sees the Power Picker 2000 throwing apples about. One of the apples hits the horse, startling it, and making the cart go fast. While Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil excitedly jump in the hay, as Lou wonders what is going on. Stu chases after the Power Picker 2000 as the horse pulls the cart across the path, knocking over an adult's ladder, causing that adult to hang from a tree. Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil they're doomed as the Power Picker 2000 heads towards Angelica. Angelica is quick to take notice and tells Stu to stop it. Stu jumps at the Power Picker 2000, knocking it over before it can run over Angelica. Angelica is relieved, but her relief is short-lived when Dil tosses an apple at her head and giggles.

Lou complains about the speed of the ride as the horse stops at its trough to take a drink of water. The babies and Lou recover themselves from the hay as Lou tells the babies to get themselves out of the cart. Lou sets Chuckie, Phil, and Lil down, but as he picks up Tommy, Tommy drops his Reptar doll. Lou sets him down and picks up the Reptar doll as Stu runs up to him and the babies, asking them if they're all okay. Lou is angry at Stu for having his invention cause the horse to pull the cart out of control. Stu apologizes, saying he must have put the power of the Power Picker 2000 too high. Lou then tells Stu that yesterday, the crossed wires in his lizard contraption back home attacked him. Stu assures Lou that his animatronic Reptar will be his greatest invention yet, and the Reptar Corporation is looking forward to it, so it can be used in the EuroReptarLand theme park they're opening in France. Lou tells him that he's looking forward to it as well, as once it's in France, it will be miles and miles away from him. He tosses Tommy's Reptar doll onto the ground and walks away, grumbling angrily.

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil walk up to a goat's pen, and Chuckie tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that the hay ride suddenly became very scary. Phil tells Chuckie that the hayride was a lot of fun, then Lil tells him that Lou didn't like the ride very much. Angelica, who has one of her candy apples, walks up to the babies, laughing wickedly. She then sarcastically tells Chuckie, "Nice sweater, Finster.". Chuckie notices that a goat is chewing on one of the loose threads of his sweater, and tries to pull it away. Chuckie tells Angelica that his grandmother made him the sweater. Angelica laughs hysterically at the situation as Tommy tries to help Chuckie pull the sweater away from the goat. Tommy then tries to bite off the loose thread, but to no avail, as he only has one tooth. He asks Phil to help him, which Phil is happy to do. Phil bites off the loose thread, freeing Chuckie's sweater from the goat's grasp. Chuckie thanks Phil as Angelica continues laughing, but then she stops when the goat eats her candy apple. She tells the goat to give it back, then asks them if they know who she is. The goats don't listen to her, as they are too busy eating grass. Lil then tells the goats that she's Angelica. Angelica tells Lil that she's the most important star of the Fall Festival parade. Tommy then tells Angelica that they're all going to be in the parade, and Chuckie tells her that they're all going to be doing fun things for fall. Lil asks Angelica if she knows about fall, and Phil tells her that Tommy told them all about it. Angelica tells Lil that she does, and then asks them if Tommy told them that Fall is the time of year when there's lots of changes.

Phil tells Angelica he does, as this morning, Betty changed his diapers more times than he could count. Lil then tells him that that happened because he ate her box of crayons last night. Angelica then tells Phil and Lil that the most important thing about fall is the parade, where she will be the star because she is the only one who can sing. Susie, who has just arrived, has heard everything, and tell Angelica that what she said isn't entirely true. Angelica asks Susie what she's doing at the park, and Susie tells her that she's picking apples with Lucy. She then tells her that she's going to sing for the parade as well. Angelica tells her that Lou would never allow her to sing on the same float as her. Susie tells Angelica that the float isn't hers, and he did ask her, right after she won the junior talent show. Angelica tells Susie that Lou said she was going to be the star, then Susie tells her that there must have been a change of plans. She tells Angelica she'll see her at the parade, then walks away, singing melodiously. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all wave goodbye to Susie. Chuckie says he loves when Susie sings, and Phil agrees. He tries to say her singing is a lot better than Angelica's, but Angelica stops him before he can finish. Tommy tells Angelica that they'll see her later and he, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil walk away. Angelica stops them, telling them she's not finished telling them about fall. She walks up to them and tells them that, as she said before, fall has lots of changes, and not to be surprised if some awful stuff happens to them, as change isn't always good. Chuckie starts to worry, but Tommy tells him not to listen to Angelica, and that changes don't scare them. He then says that as long as they all stick together, nothing can go wrong.

On their way home, Chas asks Didi if they can make a quick stop. He and Chuckie stop at the cemetery, and drop some gourds and acorns off at Melinda's tombstone. Chas explains to Chuckie that fall was him mother's favorite time of year. He then tells him the story of how he and Melinda first met. At the time, Melinda was selling organic produce at a swap meet. He took one look at her face, and broke out into a cold sweat. It was later revealed he was allergic to the adzuki beans, and his tongue swelled up to the size of a football. She gave him mouth-to-mouth recussitation, and from that day on, they were never apart. He finishes his story, telling Chuckie that Melinda loved them both very much. Didi, Betty, and Howard all watch from a distance. Didi finds the moment very heartwarming, and wishes for Chas to meet someone special. Betty is doubtful, as she feels Chas would feel that no woman could ever replace Melinda in his heart. Howard then comes up with an idea, and asks Betty if she could set Chas up with her friend, Lolana, who is a contortionist. Betty likes this idea, and decides to call her when the time is right.

Later that day at Tommy's house, Betty is changing Phil and Lil's diapers. She asks Didi, who is working on the babies' costumes, if she could hand her two diapers, which Didi is glad to do. When she reaches into Phil and Lil's diaper bag, she is surprised to find out how puffy their diapers are. She asks Betty if she switched brands, and Betty tells her she did, to a super absorbent brand guaranteed not to leak, or her money back. Chas then walks in, bringing Didi the velcro she needs for the babies' costumes. Betty then reaches into her purse and tosses a jar of hair pomade at Chas, who catches it in his arms. He asks Betty why she tossed it at him, and Betty explains to him that she thought he could use a new hairdo. Chas asks why, as he's had the same hairstyle since the sixth grade. Betty tells him that she'll explain more after she diapers Phil and Lil. After she puts the new diapers on Phil and Lil, she, Didi, and Chas walk into the kitchen. Phil wonders where Tommy and Chuckie are, and Lil tells him to go find them. Phil tries to do so, but has a tough time getting up due to the bulk of his new diaper. Lil tries to get up to help him, but has a tough time herself due to the bulk of her new diaper. They end up lying on their backs helplessly as Tommy and Chuckie walk up to them and wave at them. Chuckie sees Phil and Lil lying on their backs, kicking their legs, thinking they're playing a game, tries it himself. He asks them what game they're playing, and they tell him they're not playing a game; they can't stand up! They them tell them that something is wrong with their diapers, as they're too heavy. They try to get up, but due to the bulk of their diapers, they fall over again. Tommy tells them that he and Chuckie will help them up. Tommy does so with Phil, and Chuckie does so with Lil, but even so, the twins still fall over. Angelica sees this and laughs wickedly. She then tells them that Betty must have bought them new diapers. Lil tells her that the new diapers aren't very comfortable, and Phil tells her they pinch his butt. Angelica tells the twins that she told them that she told them that changes could be awful.

As Angelica walks away, Phil and Lil cry, proclaiming that they don't like their new diapers. Tommy tells them not to cry, and that everything will be okay, as they just need to get used to their new diapers. Chuckie then tells them not to listen to Angelica, as things aren't as bad as she makes them out to be. Angelica then tells Chuckie to just wait until he sees his dad. Chuckie walks into the kitchen and sees Chas with a new hairstyle. Betty admires him and refers to him as a hunk. Chuckie tries to deny what Angelica said by saying his dad isn't in the kitchen, and a strange man named Hunk is in there instead. Stu then walks into the kitchen. He sees Chas and tells him his new hairdo is nice. Chas asks Stu if he really agrees, and then Chuckie gasps in fear. He worries that Angelica was right about bad changes coming their way. Phil agrees that this new change is bad, and he thought he and Lil had bad changes. Lil then reminds them that they do, in the form of their new diapers. Chuckie tells the twins he doesn't want his dad to change, and Lil replies by telling him that she and Phil don't want their new diapers, either. Angelica, who is eating a cookie, walks up to them and tells them that things will only get worse for them, causing them all to worry.

In the basement, Stu is working on the head of the animatronic Reptar. As he works, Betty is in the kitchen, working on Chas' new hairdo. Chas then picks up a hot water bottle with a Reptar-themed cover on it. He asks Didi what it's for, and Didi tells him that the hot water bottle belongs to Lou, and that she made the cover for it using the material left over after making pajamas for Tommy and Dil. Just then, the basement rumbles, and Betty asks Didi what Stu is doing downstairs. Didi explains to her that Stu is building an animatronic Reptar for the fall parade. Chas then asks Betty why she gave him a new hairdo. Betty then explains to him that she and Howard are setting him up. Chas asks if its with another woman, and Betty assures him that he's right. As she leaves to work on a plate of h'ordeuvres, Chas tries unsuccessfully to tell her that he and Chuckie have plans for a craft project tonight. Chas tells Didi that he's not comfortable with dating, but Didi assures him that while it might not have been the best idea for Betty to surprise him, she's sure Betty's friend is nice. Betty then walks back in and asks Chas if she can ask Lolana to take her contacts out with her toes. Chas wheezes upon hearing this, and Didi brings in a paper bag for him to use as an inhaler. Chas sits down in the chair in the living room, breathing through the bag, and Chuckie has witnessed this. Didi then sits Dil down in his cushion, and as she walks back into the kitchen, Chuckie walks up to Tommy, telling him that now Chas has a bag over his nose. Lil then tells him that he isn't the only one with problems, as now, due to their bulk, she and Phil can't fit anything in their new diapers. Tommy tells his friends that he has solutions to their problems. Chuckie asks how that's possible, and Tommy tells him that maybe Chas would look more like his normal self if he had a comb. Lil tells them that she knows where one is, and reaches into Betty's purse. She pulls out a comb, and hands it to Tommy. Tommy gives the comb to Chuckie so he can comb Chas' hair while he finds something that Phil and Lil can fit in their new diapers. Chuckie crawls up to Chas with a comb in his hand as Lil tries to fit her bottle into her new diaper and Phil tries to fit a book in his new diaper.

The doorbell rings, and Betty returns with Lolana, pointing out where Chas is. She tells everyone to meet Lolana, and everyone stares in shock when they see Lolana standing on her hands, with her legs wrapped around her body, and a plate of h'ourdeuvres on her head. Lolana asks Chas if he'd like an h'ourdeurve, to which, Chas nervously tells her he's not hungry. Betty takes the plate of h'ourdeuvres from Lolana as she unties herself and tells Chas to hit the dance floor. As Lolana pulls Chas away by the suspenders of his overalls, Chas nervously tells Chuckie he's going out, and to be good for him. Chuckie then sadly watches Lolana drive away with Chas. Phil tells Tommy that Lolana was the twistiest lady he's ever seen. Chas walks up to them and tells them that his dad is now spending more time with tangly women than with him. He then tells them he's never done anything like that before. Chuckie worries that things are bad for him.

The phone rings, and Lou, who is trying to watch a fishing show on television, angrily walks up to it. On the way over, he steps on Tommy's reptar doll, then angrily tosses it. Tommy, Phil, and Lil witness this, then Lou answers the phone. Aunt Miriam is on the other end, eating from a box of chocolates. Lou asks her what she wants, and she tells him she just called to ask him how he's doing. Stu continues working on the animatronic Reptar, and the noise disturbs Lou, who angrily tells him he's trying to talk on the phone. Aunt Miriam tells Lou that she just moved into a new apartment, and asks him if he'd like to come over to visit. Lou tells her that his visit will have to wait, as right now, he wants to practice his scooter tricks for the parade, as he's leading the Wombat float. Aunt Miriam tells him to stop by Withering Oaks on the way over, so she can introduce him to a man who can pop 360 degree wheelies in his golf cart. She tells him that her new neighborhood has his name all over it. Lou refuses, as Withering Oaks is a retirement home, and he still has a few good years left in him.

Back in the living room, Chuckie sighs sadly and looks down at his acorns, as he was really looking forward to painting faces on them with Chas tonight. As Stu continues working on the Animatronic Reptar, the power matrix overloads. Lil begins to cry, and wishes she never heard about fall. Phil agrees with her, but Tommy tells them that while things haven't been going well lately, they will get better. Just then, a huge explosion occurs, creating a giant hole in the kitchen. Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Chuckie all walk up to the hole and gasp when they see it. Lou, Didi, and Betty look below, and see the cause of the explosion and the hole; Stu working on the animatronic Reptar. Stu apologizes to Lou, whose face quickly turns magenta with anger, as Chuckie and Phil point out. Aunt Miriam, who is still on the phone, asks Lou if he's still there. Finally had enough of Stu's constant work of his inventions, Lou angrily tells Aunt Miriam to find him an apartment, as he's moving out. He then drops the phone and angrily leaves the kitchen. Chuckie tells Tommy that since Lou is moving away, he should believe Angelica is right by now. As Chuckie worries about what future bad changes await them, Tommy walks up to his Reptar doll and picks it up, worrying what will happen now that Lou is moving out.

Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 2 - Fall Stinks

A moving truck is now parked outside Tommy's house as Stu and Drew help Lou load his belongings into the moving truck. As Stu and Drew load a chair into the moving truck, Lou tells them to be careful, as the chair is a geniune antique. With Lou leaving, Tommy takes over his old bedroom as he and Chuckie are watching the move being done from inside the house. Tommy is upset that Lou is leaving, as now he wonders who will read him stories, give him piggyback rides, and sneak him candy when Didi isn't looking. Chuckie tries to cheer Tommy up by telling him that Lou may come back someday, but Tommy tells Chuckie he doubts that, as Lou is taking all his belongings with him. He then wonders if something he did caused Lou to leave. Chuckie isn't sure, but then he leaves to use the bathroom, as he drank too much apple juice. He leaves Lou's bedroom, leaving Tommy in tears. Tommy looks out the window one last time, as Drew loads the last of Lou's belongings into the moving truck. Drew tells Stu that he packs the same way he invents; with no regards for safety. As Stu unloads Lou's bowling ball, he assures Drew that his accident with the animatronic Reptar could have happened to anyone. Drew then tells him, "Anyone named Stu Pickles". Stu then tells Drew that he will be famous, and asks him if he told him a representative from the EuroReptarLand theme park is coming to check out his Animatronic Reptar, and Drew tells him that he has, about 56 times. Stu then tells him that this time is number 57. Lou then takes his bowling ball back from Stu and gets into the cab of the moving truck. Tommy sadly watches as Lou starts up the moving truck. As he turns around, Spike reveals that Lou left his hot water bottle behind. He picks up the hot water bottle and runs up to the window, just in time to see Lou drive away. Spike then walks up to Tommy, and licks his face to try to comfort him.

At Phil and Lil's house, Phil and Lil are still having trouble moving around in their new diapers. Every time they get up, the bulk of their diapers cause them to fall down again. Phil then sees a bug crawling on the floor, and tries to chase after it so he can eat it. The bulk of his diaper causes him to move very slowly, and to make matters worse, the bulk also gets him stuck behind the couch. When he pulls himself out, Lil walks up to him, and he tells them that their new diapers won't even let them fit behind the couch anymore. He tells them that the diapers are the worst things ever. Lil agrees, as they can't walk or chase bugs. In fact, they can barely even stand up! Phil tells her that all they can do is sit, and they both sit down angrily.

At Withering Oaks, Aunt Miriam helps Lou unpack his belongings. Due to how dusty they are, Aunt Miriam asks him when he packed them. Lou tells her that many of his belongings haven't seen the light of day for years. Aunt Miriam then jokes about saying the same to Lou. She then tells him to join her in all the fun activities Withering Oaks has to offer. All Lou wants to do is rest, but Aunt Miriam tells him that starting tomorrow, she signed him up for Tai Chi, candle-making, and fun with beads. Lou tells her that he moved out of Tommy's house for some peace and quiet, not to turn into a hippie. Aunt Miriam insists that Lou go out and meet people with her. Just then, the doorbell rings. As Lou goes to answer the door, he tells Aunt Miriam that all he wants to do is be left alone. When Lou opens the door, he is surprised to see so many elderly women on the other side. He closes the door, realizing Aunt Miriam must have called them.

At Chuckie's house, Chuckie walks up to Chas, who is getting a coat out of his closet. Chuckie holds his acorns up to Chas, who sadly tells him they won't be able to paint faces on them tonight, as Betty and Howard are introducing him to another lady friend. He then tells her that Betty promised them this lady won't walk on her hands like the last one. He tells Chuckie that this change is sudden, and one they weren't ready for, but assures him it won't last long. He then wonders how many single friends Betty has.

As it turns out, Betty has quite a few single friends, and a montage of them is shown. The first one is dressed like a vampire, who tries to impress Chas with an eating trick at a fancy restaurant. The second one is dressed like a pirate, who takes them on a rowboat ride, with Chas having to row the entire time. The third one walks on stilts, and tries to get Chas to do the same on the disco floor. The fourth one blows a bubblegum bubble, which pops in Chas' face. The fifth one is dressed like a clown. The sixth one has two pet snakes, one of which wraps Chas in its coils. The seventh one has many pet cats, which Chas is allergic to. The eighth one is an older lady, and the ninth one is very tall. The tenth one one is very short, and the eleventh one is a motorcyclist. During their ride in her motorcycle, the bolt connecting the motorcycle and its passenger seat unscrews, causing Chas to roll away down a hill. When Chas returns after that experience, he and Chuckie are happy to see each other again.

That night, Chuckie sleeps over at Tommy's house. Chuckie tries to keep himself happy by remembering the good times he had with Chas, which unfortunately, keeps Tommy awake. Tommy then hears Dil, who isn't use to having his own bedroom, calling his name, which wakes both him and Chuckie up. Chuckie asks what the sound was, and Tommy assures him it's just Dil calling for him. He gets out of bed to check on him, and Chuckie, scared out of his wits, follows him. Tommy and Chuckie go into Dil's bedroom, and tell him not to worry, as they're here. Dil is happy to see Tommy and Chuckie, but the feeling isn't mutual for Chuckie, who wishes Dil hadn't woken him up from his dream about him having fun with Chas. Tommy then wonders if Dil was lonely like he was, and tells him that now they can be lonely together as he tucks him in. As Dil falls back asleep, Tommy looks at the Reptar-themed cover on Lou's hot water bottle. He then remembers all the recent times Lou got angry, each one of them involving Reptar. He suddenly figures that Reptar is the reason Lou left.

The next morning, Tommy is in the sandbox, burying his Reptar doll, in the hopes that it will bring Lou back. Phil asks Tommy if Lou really left because of Reptar, and Tommy tells him that he saw how mad he got on the horse ride a few days ago. Chuckie, who was also a witness, tells Phil that Lou was real mad. Lil then tells Chuckie that Lou was angrier when he stubbed his feet on Tommy's Reptar doll that somebody left on the floor. She specifically says this to Phil, who denies that he left it there. Just then, Angelica stops by, telling the babies that she's been practicing her singing for the Fall Festival parade. She asks the babies if they'd like to hear her, and despite them all objecting, she sings anyway. She sings off-key again, which even annoys Spike. As she finishes, Dil blows a raspberry at her. After she leaves, Phil tells Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Dil that Angelica doesn't have Susie's melodious singing voice. On the porch, Chas tells Didi that he's worried about Chuckie, as Chuckie seems depressed lately. Didi tells Chas not to worry, as Chuckie just isn't used to having to share his attention. Chas then tells Didi that maybe he should stop dating before it does any permanent damage, but Betty, having overheard, tells him not until she's met her friend, Tiffany, who, in her boxing days, was known as "The Spanker". Chas nervously goes along. Tommy then notices Lou's hot water bottle, with the Reptar-themed cover still on it. He removes it and buries it in the sand. He then has an idea; he and his friends could go to Withering Oaks to visit Lou and give him his hot water bottle back. When Lou sees that Reptar is gone, he will have to come back. Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all like the idea. Just as Tommy, Phil, and Lil try to walk away, Chuckie suddenly objects out of the possibility that Chas might want to play with him tonight. Tommy then tells him that he can stay behind if he wants to. He asks Phil and Lil if they're ready, and they tell him they are. However, they still have a hard time moving around thanks to the bulk of their diapers, and as a result, they can't even get out of the sandbox.

Tommy then realizes that he and his friends won't be going anywhere now. Phil and Lil agree with him. Chuckie then asks Tommy what Lou did when he got sad, then tells him that Lou would think about the good old days, then he would be happy again. He then wonders if they could do it as well. Tommy likes this idea, and tells Chuckie he can go first. Chuckie thinks for a bit, then comes up with something. He walks up to a patch of dandelions, and tells Tommy, Phil, and Lil that he remembers when he and Chas used to pick flowers together in the park, then they would sneeze. He sniffs the dandelion, and sneezes, spreading its seeds everywhere. Tommy goes next, telling Chuckie, Phil, and Lil that he remembers when Lou used to read him stories, take naps with him, and sometimes do both at the same time. Phil then tells Tommy, Chuckie, and Lil that he remembered when he could catch bugs. As he tells them about it, a bug crawls past him. As Phil tries to catch the bug, Lil tells Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil that in those days, babies were fast, bugs were slow, and diapers were diapers, not big, poofy butt balloons. Phil loses the bug and lands atop Lil. Chuckie tells Tommy that his idea was a good one, as he feels better already. He then notices Tommy looking sad, and asks him if it worked for him. Tommy denies his sadness by telling Chuckie it was nice thinking about Lou, and wonders if Lou is thinking about him, too.

Back at Withering Oaks, Lou tells the elderly ladies that his heart is already taken. They ask him who it belongs to, and he tells them, his grandchildren. He shows them pictures of his grandsons, Tommy and Dil, and his granddaughter, Angelica. The Elderly ladies are very impressed with the pictures, saying Lou has wonderful grandchildren. As Lou tries to walk away, a loudspeaker announces that it's time to head South of the Border for some sassy senior-style salsa. The elderly ladies then grab Lou, forcing him to come with them against his will. Aunt Miriam, who is now wearing a sombrero, tells Lou she'll see him at the Rec room.

Back at Tommy's house, Tommy and Chuckie are in the kitchen, pushing a chair. Chuckie wonders where they're going with it, and Tommy tells him they're taking it to the telephone. He then tells Chuckie that he wants to call Lou to tell him he doesn't have to worry about Reptar anymore. Tommy picks up the phone, and not knowing the number to Withering Oaks, dials random buttons. Phil and Lil walk up to Tommy and Chuckie as the phone rings. An automated message from the Horoscope hotline is on the other end, and tells Tommy to dial in his birth month. Tommy presses random buttons on the phone, and the automated message tells him that he's been a little sad lately, but a lot of changes will be coming his way. Tommy and Chuckie toss the phone and scream in shock upon hearing this. Phil and Lil want to know what Lou said, but Tommy tells them that he didn't call Lou. Chuckie then asks now what they're supposed to do, and Lil suggests remembering the good old days again. Phil agrees, and tries to do so, but Tommy stops him. He then tells Chuckie, Phil, and Lil they have to find ways to have fun now, instead of thinking about the old days. Phil disagrees, but Lil tells him not to interrupt Tommy. Tommy tells them that sometimes things look real bad, but then somehow they turn out good. Phil and Lil wonder what Tommy means, but Tommy asks them if they remember the time they glued Angelica's pigtails together and Betty gave them a time-out. Lil then tells Tommy that she remembers that time, but then she and Phil found the most delicious, juicy bug in the corner. Phil remembers that memory, and how delicious the bug was. Tommy then concludes by saying that even though bad stuff still happens, good stuff still happens as well. Chuckie tells Tommy he's right, and Lil tells him she never thought of it that way. Phil then remembers how tasty the bug was again, and Tommy tells them that if they try real hard, they can turn all the bad changes into good ones. The four babies all cheer in approval, until Phil falls over and spins around.

Later that day, Tommy plays with his toy fire engine while Dil drinks from his bottle of formula. Dil asks Tommy where Lou is, and Tommy tells him that Lou isn't here, but they can still have lots of fun together. He then asks Dil if he'd like to play with his toy fire engine, and hands it to him. Dil then angrily tosses the fire engine aside. Tommy then tells Dil that he was getting tired of playing with the toy fire engine anyway. Dil begs for Lou to come back, and Tommy understands, as he misses Lou as well. He then walks up to the chair and picks up the book of The Princess and the Pea. He suddenly has an idea; he's going to try to read the story the way Lou does. Dil is excited upon hearing this, and Tommy opens the book. He tries to read the story the way Lou does, even going as far as to call Dil "Snout" and even falls asleep halfway through the story. Unfortunately, Dil is unimpressed with Tommy's impression of Lou, and even Tommy admits it's not the same without Lou around.

At Phil and Lil's house, Phil tries to convince himself that he does like his new diaper. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Lil agrees with him. Phil then decides there's only one thing left for them to do, and he takes off his diaper. He is happy to have it off, as is Lil when she takes her diaper off. They are so happy to have their diapers off, they run through the hallway excitedly, waving their diapers in the air. They pass by Howard, who is sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper. He waves to them, but when he sees them waving their diapers in the air, he realizes they aren't wearing them. He chases after them to put their diapers back on, as he just cleaned the carpet, and he doesn't want them to have accidents on it.

Back at Tommy's house, Tommy is in his corn costume, and Chuckie is in his pumpkin costume. These are the costumes they will be wearing in the parade. Unfortunately, they don't find the costumes very comfortable. Chuckie then realizes that being vegetables wasn't as fun as he and Tommy thought. Chas, who is wearing a beekeeping hat and holding a first aid kit, walks up to Tommy and Chuckie, as does Didi. Chas tells Didi that she did a wonderful job on Tommy and Chuckie's costumes. Didi thanks Chas, who opens the front door and tells Chuckie to be good for Didi, as he is going out with another of Betty's friends. Didi asks Chas what the first aid kit is for, and Chas tells her that it will come in handy tonight, as Betty set him up with a beekeeper, who wants to show him her hives. Didi tells Chas to have a nice time. As soon as Chas and Didi leave, Tommy tells Chuckie he's doing pretty good with Chas leaving him. Chuckie assures Tommy that Chas won't be leaving him, as his doll, Mr. Quigley, took his car keys. Tommy, realizing its impossible for a toy to do things on its own, asks Chuckie if he was the one who took the car keys. Chuckie denies it by saying Mr. Quigley did it. The doorbell rings, and Spike walks up to Chuckie, startling him, and causing him to drop Chas' car keys. Spike then picks up the keys with his mouth and runs away with them. Didi walks up to the front door, and finds that Chas hasn't left yet. Chas then tells her that he misplaced his car keys. He asks them if she's seen them, and Spike runs up to him with his car keys in his mouth. Chas then thanks Spike and gets ready to leave for real.

Tommy and Chuckie watch as Chas drives away. Chuckie then tells Tommy that he tried to turn things around, but now Chas is going out with another strange lady, leaving him all alone again. Chuckie tells Tommy he misses Chas, and cries. Tommy then tells Chuckie that he misses Lou as well, and cries with him. His crying doesn't last long, though, as he tells Chuckie that despite all the changes happening to them, things will be okay. He asks Chuckie if he knows why, and Chuckie, having not come up with an answer, asks why. Tommy tells Chuckie that they still have each other, and they hug each other, at least the best they can, considering their costumes. Chuckie realizes Tommy is right, but their hug is interrupted by Dil, who is dressed like a potato, and throws his bottle at them. Tommy then tells Chuckie they still have Dil as well. Chuckie angrily tells Tommy that neither of them can forget about Dil. Stu walks up to Tommy and Chuckie and asks them if they'd like to visit Lou, as his first night alone can be awfully quiet. Tommy and Chuckie are happy to hear this, as they would love to visit Lou.

At Withering Oaks, all the seniors are dancing. Lou tells his date to slow down, but she continues dancing, stepping on his foot in the process. Pretty soon, the date knocks over all the other seniors. When the music stops, Lou is relieved, as all he wants to do is get out of the dance floor. An elderly lady makes an announcement over the intercom, saying that Lou is running away. The elederly ladies chase after Lou, and when they catch up to him, they all fight over him. One tries to get him to dance again, causing him to fall over. The other elderly ladies watch in discomfort as Lou lands with a crash.

An ambulance is now parked outside Withering Oaks, and two workers rush in just as Stu, Tommy, Chuckie, and Dil arrive. As Stu sets Tommy and Chuckie down, they watch as Lou is wheeled away on a hospital bed. Stu is shocked when he sees this, and Lou tells the workers to be careful as they load him onto the ambulance. Tommy worries that Lou is severely hurt, and Chuckie can't deny that things just keep getting worse and worse for them.

Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts Part 3 - Don't Poop On My Parade

That night at the hospital, Stu and Drew pace the floor of the waiting room, anxiously awaiting the results of Lou's condition. Tommy and Dil are seated on the couch, with Tommy looking at Lou's hot water bottle. Chuckie, who is holding a toy of Robosnail, walks up to Tommy and tells him he's sorry Lou had to go to the hospital. Tommy thanks him, and tells him he feels the same way.

In the nurse's office, Lou is in a wheelchair. He has his right foot in a cast, which itches, and he is having a hard time scratching it. Lulu, who is working as a nurse, asks him if he has a pencil, as it works every time. Lou angrily tells her he doesn't have a pencil, then when he sees her, he sees that she has one. She looks around, and finds one behind her ear. She gives it to Lou, who uses it to scratch his foot from the inside of its cast. He is glad that it works. Lulu then tells him that she spent half of last year in a cast herself, as she broke her hip going down a water slide. Lou asks her if that was really true, and she tells her that happened as a result of her thinking she was in line for the ladies' room. The next thing she knew, she was shooting the rapids. That happened as a result of her leaving her glasses at home. Lou thanks Lulu for the pencil, then asks her if she would like to do the honors of being the first person to sign his cast. Lulu tells him she'd love to, and signs her name on Lou's cast.

Back in the waiting room, Stu blames himself for Lou's accident. Drew then tells Stu that it was all his fault. Stu then says that if it weren't for his inventions, Lou would have never moved out and had the accident. Drew tells him that he couldn't be more right. Tommy then tells his friends that it's all his fault that Lou is in the hospital. Phil asks Tommy why he thinks that, and Tommy tells him that back when he had his birthday, he wished really hard for Reptar. Lil asks her what that has to do with Lou being in the hospital, and Tommy tells her that he got his wish, but then Lou got mad and moved away, and now he's hurt. Chuckie then tells Tommy he has an idea; if he wishes hard enough, he could change everything back to the way it was. Tommy likes this idea, as it would help bring Lou back home. He then adds that if they all wish together, they could make fall go away, as well as its bad changes. Phil then asks Tommy if he and Lil will get their old diapers back, and Chuckie asks him if Chas will spend more time with him. Tommy tells them it might work, but they all have to wish really hard. As the babies prepare to wish really hard, Stu announces that he will give up his dream, quit inventing for the Reptar Corporation, and get a dead-end job, just like Drew. As soon as Lou is out of the hospital, he will take him back home where he belongs. Tommy is happy to hear this, thinking his plan worked. Phil and Lil think that as a result of their wishing, fall is over. Even Dil is glad to hear that Lou will be coming back. Chuckie then tells Tommy that wishes are powerful things.

Back in the nurse's office, Lulu tells Lou his stories are the best. Lou tells her that he has a million stories. He then tells her the story of how he was cooking for the boys on the front lines in World War II. Bullets whizzed past him as he served up the best chipped beef bourguignon in France. Lulu then tells Lou that she toured with the U.S.O. in France. Lou asks her if she really did, then tells her that he remembers seeing a U.S.O. show once. The singer was a pretty girl with a beautiful voice, but she could never remember the lyrics. In his flashback, Lou was working as a busboy, and asked the lady if she was hungry. He then told her she saved her something. He handed her a meal, and just as she thanked him for it, he got right back to work. Lulu reveals that she was the lady in Lou's story, as she tells him she thought she saw a dapper young cook, but never got a chance to thank him. Lou then tells her she just did. He asks Lulu to sing him a song, which she tries to do, but can't remember the lyrics, confirming she was indeed, the lady in Lou's story. Lou then sings the lyrics for her, and the two hold each other's hands.

Back in the waiting room, the babies continue cheering for Lou's return. Lil tells Chuckie that she feels so happy now that all the bad changes are going away. Chuckie tells Lil he feels the same way. Phil then says that if he closes his eyes, he can almost feel his old diapers again. Tommy then tells him that if he closes his eyes, he can almost see Lou again. Just then, Lou rolls his wheelchair into the waiting room. Tommy opens his eyes, and everyone runs excitedly up to him. Stu apologizes for causing the accident that made him move out, and asks if he can ever forgive him. He then tells him that once he's packed, he's coming home. Lou then tells Stu he's not coming home. Drew tells Lou that Stu is getting rid of all his inventions, so that he won't have to worry about them anymore. Lou tells Drew he's not worried, and loves Stu's inventions. In fact, if it weren't for the accident that caused him to move away, he never would have met Lulu. Stu and Drew ask Lou who Lulu is, and Lulu introduces herself to them. Lou then tells Stu and Drew that he's in love with Lulu. Stu and Drew are shocked when they hear this. Tommy is then dejected to hear that Lou isn't coming back home. Chuckie then tells Tommy that it should be impossible, as they all wished really hard. Angelica then skips across the waiting room, singing off-key.

The next morning, Tommy wakes up, holding Lou's hot water bottle. He looks around, and sees a picture of Lou on his nightstand. Spike licks him to try to cheer him up, but to no avail. Tommy tells Spike he hoped that Lou moving away was all just a bad dream, but Lou has moved away, and he's not coming back.

Preparations for the fall festival parade have begun, with floats of baskets of fruit. The Wombat Float has the Animatronic Reptar Stu built for the EuroReptarLand theme park. Tommy, who is dressed in his corn costume, is sitting in the basket in front of the Animatronic Reptar, and Phil and Lil, who are dressed in gourd costumes, are with him. Phil tells Lil he thought their first parade was going to be a lot of fun. Lil looks at her costume and tells Phil he thought wrong. Tommy tells the twins he doesn't want to say hello to fall and goodbye to Lou. Lil then tells Tommy that she doesn't want to dress up like a vegatable anymore. Her costume causes her to knock the cookie Phil is eating out of his hand. Phil tries to pick it back up, but he can't reach it due to his costume not giving him full use of his arms. He then says his costume is even worse than his new diaper. He falls over and lands on his cookie, crushing it to pieces. He then looks up and sees the Animatronic Reptar that Stu is controlling, and tells Tommy he hopes Lou doesn't see it. As Tommy and Lil help Phil up, Tommy tells Phil it doesn't matter anymore, as Lou isn't coming home. Lil tells Phil that Lou is having too much fun with Lulu.

Lil is right, as Lou is having fun riding a motorcycle Lulu is driving, and they head towards the parade. As Stu works on the Animatronic Reptar, he is appalled at Lou's behavior, as Lou is behaving like a lovestruck teenager. Didi tells Stu that she thinks it's sweet, but Stu tells her that Lou's old enough to be his father (of course, Lou is his father). He doesn't pay attention to his work and hits his thumb trying to hammer in a nail. Didi tells Stu to stop worrying about Lou and concentrate on the Animatronic Reptar instead, as today is his big day. Stu tells Didi she's right, as today, the reprasentative from EuroReptarLand will see just what his Animatronic Reptar can really do, and things will start changing around his house as a result. Tommy, having overheard, worries that even more changes will be coming his way. Angelica, who is dressed as a garden hoe, walks onto the float and up to the microphone. Susie then shows up, dressed as a rake. Angelica asks Susie what she's doing in the parade, and Susie tells her she's going to be singing on the float as well, as she told her before. Angelica tells Susie that she completely forgot.

Betty introduces her new friend, Argenta, to Chas and Chuckie, the latter of whom is in his pumpkin costume. Argenta says hello to Chas and Chuckie very enthusiastically. She then sees a stand selling candy apples, tells Chas she loves candy apples, and asks him if he loves them. Chas tries to tell her they give him dystaxia, but to no avail, as she drags him along. Betty then picks up Chuckie and tells him he's going in the basket with his friends. Argenta then sees a ring toss stand, tells Chas she loves it, and asks if he loves it as well. Before he can answer, she drags him along. Betty sets Chuckie down in the basket, between Tommy and Phil. Tommy notices Chuckie isn't happy, and asks him what's wrong. Chuckie tells him that Chas is spending time with another strange lady. He then tells Tommy he doesn't like fall. Tommy tells Chuckie he doesn't like fall either, as first Lou moved out, then he broke his leg, and now he just heard Stu say that even more changes will be coming their way. Tommy then tells Chuckie that he doesn't want any more changes, as he can't take them anymore. Chuckie asks Tommy if he's okay. Tommy tells Chuckie he isn't, as he's mad, he smells, and he isn't going to take it anymore! Chuckie is impressed, as he's never seen Tommy get this angry before. Phil then plugs his nose and tells Tommy he's never smelled him like this before. Lil then walks up to him and sniffs him, telling him he's smelling himself. Phil blushes upon realizing this. Tommy asks Chuckie, Phil, and Lil if they're with him, and they all say they are. Chuckie asks Tommy what they're supposed to do, and Tommy tells them the parade is being thrown to say hello to fall. Maybe if they stop the parade, they can say goodbye to fall and make it go away. Chuckie, Phil, and Lil like this plan, and are ready to assist Tommy in it. Tommy tell them it's time to start, but then, the parade begins. Howard starts up the float, which now has Dil between Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil in the basket. Chuckie realizes the float is moving, and Howard starts playing the music. Angelica and Susie both sing, and fight over the microphone. Tommy tries to climb out of the basket, telling his friends they have to get out. As Susie and Angelica sing, Chuckie tries to push Phil out of the basket. Due to the bulk of their diapers, Phil and Lil have a hard time moving again. Chuckie then says that they'll never get out of the basket, and are doomed. Tommy then tells Chuckie that they can't give up, as if they don't stop the parade, things will never be fun again. He then tells his friends to push him up.

Lulu and Lou drive up to the float, where a member of the Wombat Lodge is pulling a pig on a leash. As Stu and Didi watch the parade, the Executive from EuroRepotarLand tells Stu to begin his demonstration of the Animatronic Reptar. Stu opens a box and pulls out the control panel for the Animatronic Reptar. Didi holds it for him as he explains to the Executive that he's using the latest simulated reality technology to operate the animatronic. He presses a button on the control panel, starting it up. Stu has his hands in the gloves of the simulator, and whatever he does with his arms, the Animatronic does with its. As he moves his arm, the Animatronic tosses the pumpkin it's holding in the air, causing it to land on the member of the Wombat Lodge. As a result, he lets go of the leash, causing the pig to get loose.

Angelica and Susie continue fighting over the microphone, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil climb out of the basket. Chuckie falls over, knocking Phil and Lil down, and causing the three of them to roll away. Phil and Lil bounce down the stairs on their butts, safely protected by the bulk of their diapers. Phil and Lil like the bounce, and want to do it again. Chuckie then falls off the float.

Chuckie lands on the pig, which takes him on a wild ride past the customers. Tommy, who is still on the float, tells Chuckie he's on his way. Tommy reaches for Chuckie, but the pig he's riding on runs away. When the pig comes back, Tommy reaches again, and grabs Chuckie's costume. Unfortunately, the pig pulls him off the float before he can pull Chuckie back onto it. Lil then sees Tommy and Chuckie and tells Phil that they are getting a real piggyback ride. Phil then decides that he and Lil should join them, and he grabs Lil's hand with one hand, and the pig's tail with the other. All four babies are now on the pig, which runs past the adults, who don't take any notice. Stu demonstrates his Animatronic Reptar's steam feature to the Executive, and as Didi presses a button, steam emits from the Animatronic's tail. Stu then tells the Executive that the steam is supposed to come out of the Animatronic's mouth.

Betty sees Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil riding the out-of-control pig, and decides to stop it. She stares angrily at the pig, who, frightened, runs the other way as Betty tries to catch the babies. She then chases after the pig. Chas then sees the pig heading towards him, and covers his eyes. Chuckie covers his eyes as well as the pig runs past Chas, knocking him over. As Betty and the Pig run past the Executive, Stu, and Didi, the Executive is unimpressed, and tells Stu he has to get to his next appointment. Stu tries to convince the Executive to stay, and tries to make the Animatronic roar. The Animatronic instead lunges down at Dil, snatching him from his baby seat with its mouth. Didi looks up and is shocked to see Dil hanging from the Animatronic's mouth. She then tells Stu to do something. Stu, thinking she's referring to trying to get the Animatronic to roar, tells her he's trying, but then she points out to him that Dil is hanging from the Animatronic's mouth, which causes Stu to scream in fear. Didi and Stu run up to the Animatronic, which has steam emitting from it, which tickles Dil. Angelica and Susie continue fighting over the microphone, and Betty and Chas chase after the pig. The pig passes by Lou and Lulu, the former telling the latter they have to stop it. Chas, who is running out of breath, tells him they need a new strategy. Lou tries to reach for the pig, but he can't get anywhere with a broken foot. Lulu tells him not to worry, and pulls out a rope, which she uses as a lasso. Stu and Didi climb onto the float, and as Stu assures Dil he's here, the Animatronic spins its head around. Lulu lassos Howard's head, pulling it forward, and causing it to land on the button that stops the float. The Animatronic's head stops spinning, and it opens its mouth, releasing Dil from it, and causing him to fall. Stu catches him just in time, and Didi is relieved to have him safe and sound. Dil then burps and drools onto her dress.

Chas continues chasing the pig as Betty snatches a box of popcorn from a little girl. She spreds it onto the ground, causing the pig to stop to eat it. Betty picks the babies up, and everyone cheers. Angelica and Susie take a bow, and Chas, having run out of breath, catches up to Betty. Lulu tells Stu that he saved the day. Stu then tells her that she had a hand in it as well, as she stopped the float. Lou tells Stu that he told her Lulu is an angel, and kisses her. Stu then tells Lou that she is indeed. Betty puts Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil back in the basket, and Chuckie asks Tommy what's going on. Tommy tells Chuckie he isn't sure, but it looks like the parade stopped. Steam emits from the Animatronic's mouth, and Tommy thinks that Reptar stopped fall, meaning the changes are over. Phil and Lil thank Reptar, as does Chuckie, who looks forward to spending time with Chas again. All four babies cheer. Stu worries about what the Executive has to say, and asks him to give him another chance. The Executive tells him he loved the demonstration. Stu is confused, but asks him why. The Exectutive tells him the demonstration was very realistic, expecially the rescue of the animatronic baby. Stu tells the Executive that the baby isn't an animatronic, it's his son, Dil. The Executive tells him that only a real moron would put his son in danger. Stu becomes dejected, until the Executive gives him his card, and tells him to call him on Monday. Before Stu can say how he feels about it, the Wombat Member with the pumpkin still on his head, bumps into him and knocks him over.

That night, at Tommy's house, Betty gives Phil and Lil a diaper change. She tells them that they ran out of the new diapers, and are back to using the old ones. She puts them on Phil and Lil and kisses them. As soon as Betty leaves, Lil moves around excitedly, glad that she is able to do all the things she used to again. Phil jumps and lands on his butt, hurting it. Lil asks him what's wrong, and he tells her that he was just starting to like the new diapers, as they bounce. Lil tells Phil he's crazy. Betty walks up to Didi, who is sitting in a chair and sewing, and asks her what she's making. Didi tells her she's making a new cover for Lou's hot water bottle, as she doesn't know what happened to the Reptar-themed one. Betty then walks up to Chas and Chuckie, who are preparing to paint faces on the acorns. She tells Chas that Argenta wants to cook him dinner tonight. Chas looks over at a sad Chuckie, and tells Betty that tonight, he and Chuckie are going to spend some long-overdue quality time together. Chuckie is happy when he hears this, and hugs him. Betty passes by the couch, where Lou is falling asleep, having read through The Princess and the Pea to Tommy while Lulu feeds Dil his bottle of formula. Lulu finishes the story for Lou, and falls asleep as well. Tommy tells Dil that he doesn't think changes are so bad after all. Grandpa has a new friend to love, and they have a new place to visit, and maybe now, they'll get to hear all the way to the end of the story. He says to Dil that these must be the good old days as they both fall asleep. The special ends with a view of the last leaf on the tree in Tommy's backyard.


  • This is the last Rugrats episode to use the original theme song, which has been used since the series premiered in 1991. The original theme song was still used in some countries until the end of the show's run.
  • From this episode onwards digital ink and paint animation is used, prior to previous episodes which used cel animation.
    • Also, in the serialized version, each half-hour story is now divided into three 7-minute acts instead of two 11-minute acts.
  • Karma: in the first part, "Diaper Challenge", Angelica laughs at Chuckie when a goat tries to eat his sweater. After Phil bites off the loose thread, the goat turns his attention to Angelica's candy apple and then eats it. 
  • At three parts, this is the longest Rugrats episode, and was also the longest multi-part episode of any Nicktoon until the Avatar: The Last Airbender four-part series finale, "Sozin's Comet", in 2008.
    • Another Nicktoon with a three-part episode was the The Fairly OddParents episode "Wishology!".
  • At first, the title "Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts" was used only in early schedules and press releases -- the actual episodes displayed only the titles of each part. But with the 8/4/2001 "movie" version, this title was used in the schedule. Also, in the "movie" version, there was only one title card, with the "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts" title, and one set of closing credits covering all 3 parts. Also, all the writers and directors are credited at the top of the movie. Finally, the titles of the 3 parts are not seen at all in the "movie" version.
  • Grandpa had moved before in the episode "Grandpa Moves Out". Only, in this episode he didn't return home and left for good.
  • The third part of this episode will introduce Grandpa's new wife, Lulu, voiced by the late Debbie Reynolds.
  • In part 1, there's a scene where Chas and Chuckie visit the grave of Melinda Finster at a cemetery. However, even though a cemetery has "death" written all over it, Nick's ban against such usage of words like "dead" and "died" is still in full force.
  • Chas met Chuckie's mom while she was selling organic produce at a swap meet. He broke out and needed mouth-to-mouth rescucitation from her because he was allergic to her vegetables.
  • For the upcoming fall parade, Tommy is dressed like a corn-on-the-cob while Chuckie is dressed like a pumpkin. Dil is a potato.
  • As of this episode, Tommy and Dil have their own rooms.
  • Tommy's quote is a parody of Peter Finch's line from the movie "Network".
  • Grandpa Lou and Lulu first met back in World War II.
  • In "Don't Poop on my Parade" near the end, when Betty puts Phil and Lil's normal diapers on, she doesn't put Phil's shorts on but the next scene shows him in his diaper in the form of shorts.
  • This is the true first digitally animated episode, although digital animation was first used in The Rugrats Movie and "Runaway Reptar", 15 episodes before this one.
  • The second part, "Fall Stinks", marks the second time Phil and Lil take off their diapers; the first time being in "Naked Tommy".
  • In the second part, "Fall Stinks", with the DirecTV closed captions there is an error in the captions with Dil and Chuckie saying Tommy's name but it coming out as "Bobby" on the closed captioning.
  • The song in "Diaper Change" is called "Why Fall In Love?". "Why Fall In Love?" samples "At The Beginning" by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis. "At The Beginning" is the theme song from the popular 1997 movie Anastasia.
  • When Phil sees a man shoveling horse dung, he hopes to do so when he grows up. Coincidentally, in the All Grown Up! episode "Dude, Where's My Horse?", he shovels horse dung, saying he was born to do it.
  • This is the eighth time Lou was shown when he was younger after "Grandpa's Date", "King Ten Pin", "Sour Pickles", "The Mattress", "Hair!", "Pee Wee Scouts" and "Be My Valentine".
  • The serialized version with three parts of this episode is on Paramount+, while the movie version of the episode is on Hulu.
  • Moral: Sometimes change can be good.



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