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Season 6 Episode 27a
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Accidents Happen
Original Airdate December 18, 1999
DVD release Season 6
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Accidents Happen is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Chuckie has a dream that he's a brave explorer riding a boat over a waterfall, and when he wakes up he realizes he has wet the bed. When the adults discuss the incident, Didi reassures Charles Sr. that Chuckie just had an accident and a "little backwards slide". When the Rugrats overhear this, Chuckie thinks he's growing backwards, especially after Chas makes him wear "training pants". Can the other Rugrats help Chuckie wake up dry? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Chuckie has a dream. In this dream he is flying in an aeroplane then when he lands a lion comes and Chuckie calls him Stinky Breath, then rows down a boat, but then down a waterfall and then when he wakes up he has accidentally wet the bed. Charles is worried he might be regressing but Didi is not, while Stu does the laundry. Chuckie, Tommy and the twins wonder if he is growing backwards into a baby baby and see if he wets the bed again but he is not tired. Then Charles gives him "big boy" training pants which the twins think are diapers and talk about how great they think diapers are. They discuss the dream and eventually think that if they don't do anything fun he won't dream and won't wet the bed, and Charles takes Chuckie to the fair. When he comes home the other babies try to keep Chuckie awake but first Chuckie, then the twins, then Dil, then Tommy go to sleep. The next morning everyone is happy because Chuckie is dry.


  • At the zoo, Chuckie gets two banners, a hat, a t-shirt and a stuffed tiger.
  • One gag was a mistake in the laundry that made Dil's onesie pink
  • The list of ways they tried to keep Chuckie from wetting the bed again were not playing so he won't have an exciting dream, and keeping him awake by pouring water on his face, slapping him and telling him scary stories. 
  • They fell asleep in this order: Didi, Charles, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Tommy, Dil and Stu.
  • Chuckie is also seen in pajamas in Attention Please (blue PJs with Saturn on), Chuckie vs The Potty (a nightshirt), Grandpa's Bad Bug (the blue ones), Under Chuckie's Bed (the green onesie), In the Dreamtime (the green onesie) and in The Odd Couple and Sweet Dreams (the blue PJs)
  • Other episodes where they dream are Angelica's Worst Nightmare, Under Chuckie's Bed, The Incredible Shrinking Babies, Inside Story, Sweet Dreams, In the Dreamtime, Weaning Tommy, Slumber Party and Angelica for a Day