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A Visit From Lipschitz Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 13a
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A Visit From Lipschitz
Original Airdate November 29, 1992
DVD release The Best of Season 2
Season 2
Complete Series
Previous Episode The Inside Story
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"A Visit From Lipschitz" is the first segment of the thirteenth episode of season 2, and the fiftieth Rugrats segment overall.

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Didi invites Dr. Werner Lipschitz over to the Pickles house for dinner to talk child psychiatry, but when she leaves to look for Chas, Stu and Grandpa (who are at a baseball game), the doctor becomes a freeloader.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Dr. Lipschitz, a famous child psychiatrist, is to join the gang for dinner at the Pickles' house. While Lipschitz is there, Stu, Lou, and Chas decide to ditch for a baseball game. When Didi realizes this, she becomes upset at the men. Dr. Lipschitz coaxes her into going to the baseball game to retrieve her husband and take a stand. Believing Tommy and Chuckie to be at the game with the men, Didi accidentally leaves the two alone with Dr. Lipschitz, who made the excuse that he would "read one of [his] books until [Didi returns]". Tommy and Chuckie try to hide from Lipschitz by hiding under the armchair. Tommy and Chuckie is Corolla cry.

While he has the house to himself, Lipschitz begins to help himself to the privileges of the House. He takes food from the refrigerator and starts watching TV. When the babies notice him sitting on the armchair, they proceed to hide behind Stu's robe in the bathroom. When the doctor finishes his meal, a bubble bath commercial comes on that says:

So soothing. There's nothing like a nice, warm bath with Chemzyme bath products.

This entices Dr. Lipschitz to take a bubble bath. As he runs the bath, hums the German anthem and begins to undress, the babies try to quietly exit the room. As Lipschitz sinks into the bubbles and warm water with a great sigh of pleasure, Tommy and Chuckie finally reach the door with their Corolla cry. However, the door makes a loud, creaking sound, startling Lipschitz and causing him to emerge from the bubbles and realize that the babies were in the house the whole time. He puts on Stu's robe and takes the babies to Tommy's room. He tries many techniques (funny faces, bottles, diapers) to calm the babies down, but it's no use. Frustrated, he breaks down, cries, and has a tantrum on the floor, leading Tommy and Chuckie to believe that he is a baby, not a mommy.

The babies become friendly with him and climb on his back, and Lipschitz is amazed at how all they wanted to do was to play. The three play together for a while when the parents comes home, finding Lipschitz in Stu's bathrobe and the children asleep on the couch. Didi tries to apologize to him, but Lipschitz claims that he owes her thanks, and he has revised his book series, thanks to "[her] little rugrats." He informs them that they will be the first to receive copies of his upcoming manual. As the gang and the doctor take one last photo together and say "cheese", Lipschitz really believes there is cheese, turns around, and asks where it is just as the photo is taken. 


  • When Tommy mentions to Chuckie that Dr. Lipschitz might be his "new mommy" this indicates that his real mom Melinda has officially passed away.
  • When the adults say "cheese" for the photograph, Tommy and Chuckie appear to say it as well, even though they are not ready to talk to adults yet.
  • Stu replying with "Sidney Poitier?" when Didi tells him he'll never guess who's coming to dinner is a reference to the 1967 movie Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, which stars Sidney Poitier.
  • Morals:
    • Don’t leave your kids alone with a stranger.
    • The safety of your children is always important no matter what.
  • The last time this episode (along with "What the Big People Do") aired on Nicktoons is April 11, 2020.

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