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Season 8 Episode 12a
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A Tale of Two Puppies
Original Airdate June 1, 2002
DVD release Season 8
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"A Tale Of Two Puppies" is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

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Spike and Fifi's puppies, who were born in Bow Wow Wedding Vows, are now old enough to be adopted, as the Finsters, and presumably the Pickles as well, have decided to give all the puppies away to good, nice families (as both the Finsters and the Pickles have dogs of their own).

At the beginning of the episode, all but two of the nine puppies from the litter have been adopted: a rambunctious boy puppy that Stu names Spiffy, and a frightened female puppy, who the babies call "Puppy" in this episode. Chuckie tries to help Puppy become brave, which he has a hard time doing since he himself is a very frightened person, but his friends help him and tell Chuckie not to give up on helping Puppy get brave.

Later, Angelica comes by with her father, Drew, who has decided to let her have one of the puppies. At first, she wants Spiffy, but changes her mind after Spiffy starts pawing her dress and getting it all muddy (he had been in the Pickles' garden). Angelica then sees Puppy and wants her, but Chuckie stands up to Angelica and tells her that he can't have her. When Puppy sees Chuckie being brave and standing up to Angelica, she gets brave and starts barking at Angelica, who then decides that she doesn't want a dog.

In the end, both Spiffy and Puppy go to nice families: Spiffy stays with their dad, Spike, and the Pickles family, while Puppy stays with their mom, Fifi, and the Finster family.


  • This episode probably takes place about a month or two after Bow Wow Wedding Vows, as the best time to adopt a puppy is when they're around five to eight weeks old.
  • Puppy is eventually named Pepper/Sparky in Mutt's in a Name. She actually bares a strong resemblance to Chuckie, both physically and personality wise.


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