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Season 7 Episode 13
A Rugrats Kwanzaa Title Card
A Rugrats Kwanzaa
Original Airdate April 22, 2001
VHS release Kwanzaa
DVD release Season 7
Holiday Celebration
Previous Episode Talk of the Town
Next Episode All Growed Up

A Rugrats Kwanzaa is a Season 7 episode of Rugrats.  


The Carmichaels get a visit from the "Great Aunt T", who comes over to celebrate Kwanzaa with the Carmichaels. The holiday, which the Carmichaels normally don't celebrate, commemorates the honor and greatness of the African people. However, Susie feels that she isn't as great as her brothers and sisters, all of them examples of greatness in the Carmichael family. With a little help from the Great Aunt T. and the Rugrats, she learns that everyone is great in their own way, making "Kwonzo" a joyous holiday. We also go back in time to when Aunt T met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the most unusual place: at the side of the road with car trouble. We're also treated to the story of the time Aunt T gave Lucy's money for Harvard Medical School.

Characters Present


Phil: This was the best kwanzo story I've ever heard!
Lil: This was the only kwanzo story you've ever heard.
Susie: Now I know why my mom calls you great aunt T!


  • Near the start of this episode, Aunt T mentioned that the storm in the Carmichael's neighborhood reminded her of Hurricane Coco in Tahiti. This may be an indirect reference to Coco LaBouche, who was the tyrannical manager of Euro Reptarland in Rugrats in Paris.
  • Surprisingly, Dil and Angelica do not appear in this 30 minute episode. But Dil appeared in the Kwanzaa bumper for the commercial.
  • Lucy's mother is voiced by Hattie Winston, Winston previously voiced her daughter in The Rugrats Movie and would later voice her again in All Grown Up.


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