A Rugrats Chanukah VHS
A Rugrats Chanukah is a "Rugrats" video that was to be released Tuesday, October 21, 1997 on Paramount Home Video.



1. Chanukah

2. Moving Away


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  5. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning Screen
  6. Paramount Logo
  7. Nickelodeon Montage Bumper
  8. Chanukah
  9. Moving Away
  10. End Credits
  11. Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo
  12. Nick Lightbulb Logo
  13. Paramount Logo

Back cover

"Spin the dreidel! Fry up the latkes! It's Chanukah, and everyone is off to synagogue to watch Grandpa Boris perform at the holiday fair. But as the actors play out the Macabee's biblical struggle against King Antiochus, the Rugrats are off tracking down a mysterious villain of their own. Get ready to hear the story of Chanukah as only the Rugrats can tell it-featuring Tommy the Macabee, an ancient idol named Cynthia, and Stu's own turbocharged menorah...which promises to bring down the house.

Moving Away: "Hooray-Angelica's mom is being transferred, and the pigtailed tyrant is leaving town for good! But don't count your Chanukah miracles until the moving van pulls away."

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