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Season 7 Episode 7c
A Lulu of a Time Title Card
A Lulu of a Time
Original Airdate February 2, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Previous Episode The Magic Show
Next Episode Cat Got Your Tongue?

"A Lulu of a Time" is a Season 7 episode of the show Rugrats.

Characters Present


When the Rugrats visit the retirement home, Tommy's new grandma Lulu shows them around. First they visit the game room and cause chaos with the bingo balls. Then head to the kitchen, where Tommy, Kimi and Chuckie try their hand at some cooking, which ends up flooding the entire rest home with red soap bubbles.


  • Grandpa Lou has made a miniature display of Normandy in the retirement home cafeteria out of chopped liver.


Tommy: It's like Harmonica and Chessmess all together!


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