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A Dose of Dil Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 30a
A Dose of Dil Title Card.jpg
A Dose of Dil
Original Airdate May 13, 2000
July 20, 2001 (US)
DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
Previous Episode Miss Manners
Next Episode Famous Babies

"A Dose of Dil" is an episode of Rugrats from the Season 6.

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When Tommy feels neglected by his parents as they try to help out both his brother, Dil and the other Rugrats with all of their respective "boo-boos," will he find a way to get Stu and Didi's attention? Maybe, if only Angelica teaches him how to "act". - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy feels left out, because he's not getting any attention from his parents. Beforehand, Tommy's baby brother, Dil, cries in pain after a having a booster shot at the doctor's office.


While Didi was trying to put on some pink medicine cream for Dil, he is crying a lot in pain. It was revealed earlier at the doctor's office, where Dil had his booster shot in his right index finger. Meanwhile, Tommy is trying to get Dil's attention by cheering him up with his smiling and finger movement and his game of peek-a-boo which it works. Unfortunately, his attempt to get his little brother to pay attention to him is interrupted by Didi who didn't know that. Stu volunteers to take Tommy outside with the other babies. While playing gas station with the babies, Angelica maliciously crashes her play car into the wall, while trying to run over her cousin, Tommy, and his friends, asking rudely for her lollipop. She pretends to be hurt by fake-crying, so she can get a lollipop from her aunt. When Dil suddenly starts to cry again, Didi puts him in the musical baby swing to help Dil stop crying in pain. However, the swinging motion, in turn, makes Chuckie throw up. After Stu gives Chuckie ginger ale in a sippy cup, he puts Dil in a stroller to take him for a walk around the neighborhood to help Dil with his pain. Phil tries to pick at his scab on his knee but is stopped by Didi who puts a band-aid on him. This causes Lil to fake-cry, claiming to be hurt and Didi puts a band-aid on her finger. Stu and Dil's walk around the neighborhood is cut short, because of Dil's inconsolable crying. Both Stu and Did were even more shocked to see Chuckie and the twins getting all of their attention for their supposed boo-boos. Chuckie was getting more ginger ale and the twins were crying for more attention. Although everything is all chaotic, Stu stops to take note of Tommy's good behavior. Since Tommy becomes upset over not getting attention, Angelica tries to teach him to "act" by claiming to be sick or hurt (or both) to get attention. However, he can't, making Angelica feel dissatisfied over wasting her time. While Angelica complains over her constant need for another treat, she is told by Didi to wait as she tries to get Phil and Lil untangled in toilet paper. This prompted Angelica to complain even more over her need for cookies and ice cream. She even goes so far by claiming that she feels sick. As a result, she gets her temperature taken by Stu who pulls her away. When Dil sees Tommy crying for attention, Dil bounces in his kangaroo-like bouncer to cheer him up. However, Dil almost falls off his kangaroo bouncer, while attempting to get closer to Tommy. Then, Tommy rushes over to save him from getting hurt again. The brothers gave each other a hug, laughing with joy. In the end of the story, Tommy realizes that he doesn't need to "act" either hurt or sick. That is why Dil is the only one who is always there to pay attention to him the whole time. Although the babies are happy again, Chuckie suddenly feels that he has to "go potty," after drinking too much ginger ale. Angelica, who still has her temperature taken, possibly gets grounded for whining and lying about getting sick.


  • The Pickles family still uses the Reptar band-aids from "The First Cut".
  • This is the first episode that Angelica refers to her cousin Tommy by his last name, even though they're both related.
  • Moral: Lying about being sick or hurt never pays