Bank Rugrats

The bank's entrance.

The 27th National Bank is the bank where Didi takes Tommy and Chuckie to withdraw her money for her errands. It is the main setting of the episode "The Bank Trick". The bank is located on 33rd and Maine.



The bank contains a built-in security system that allows the bank tellers to step on a red button connected to the police station that will alert the cops of a crime in progress. The police are given an estimate time of arrival (ETA) of five minutes.

It also contains a maximum security vault for the money shipments to be stored. The vault has a triple reinforced door with titanium alloy with an impenetrable laser shield. If someone were to touch the laser beams, the door will slam close, leaving the individual locked inside. Mr. Loew claims a fly couldn't get into the vault undetected.

A deposit room is present where customer deposit their money or belongings. Ms. Trencherman was in this room examining her rubies before being interrogated by Richter and Simms.

A receptionist desk for filling out applications is also present. It is currently unknown how many of these desks are there, as we are only shown Ms. Haze's desk when she helps Didi.

There's also a backroom door for the ATM machine which allows the mechanic to fix/make adjustments on the machine for those depositing or withdrawing their money from the outside.

A loan office run by Mr. Poltax is also present.


The banks contains a large parking lot and a single ATM machine. There is also a large sign that informs people of the parking lot.


  • This is the bank that Richter and Simms tried to rob, but were unsuccessful.
  • Mr. Loew claimed the bank had a "spotless reputation".
  • Mr. Loew also claimed that Ms. Trencherman is the bank's oldested customer (oldest in terms being loyal).'
  • Ms. Trencherman is the bank's most valued depositor.
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